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No. Child support is paid by non custodial parent, not step parent. Income of a New Spouse: Contrary to common belief, Illinois law permits judges to consider the income of a second spouse when establishing or modifying child support awards. The door swings both ways, too. A custodial parent who remarries a well-to-do spouse may suffer a reduction in child support to be paid by the non-custodial parent.19 Likewise, a non-custodial parent who remarries a spouse of substantial means may be required by the court to pay a higher child support than if the marriage had not taken place. http://www.illinoisdivorce.com/family_law_articles/etsblishing_child_support.php

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Does the child support lower if new spouse needs support?

Generally, no. It is based on your income and not your expenses.

Does income of new spouse count as income for spousal support in Virginia?

Once the person remarries spousal support is no longer required to be paid by the person/spouse who was under court order for marital maintenance.

Can child support be based on income of non custodial parents spouse?

No, child support is based on the biological parents income. no one elses.

Is Florida a state that combines the income of a new spouse for determining current and future chi support payments?

Not yet mandatory, but can still be considered by a judge under a rebuttable presumption. Generally, it's limited to 20%.

Can a new spouse income be considered for child support dues in OH?

A person is not responsible for their spouse's child support, so no, the court doesn't consider their income in setting child support.

Can a new spouse's income be used to reduce child support payments?

if you are paying child support and have a new spouse, their income will not count toward child support unless the two of you have your own children together.

If the custodial parent gets remarried will the new spouse income be used for child support?

no the new spouse is not legally responsible for a child that is not theirs

Is spouse income considered in child support for California?

It is considered very much in the state of California.

Does spouse income count in Indiana for child support?

No, only the biological parents pay for their child.

What percentage is used to calculate child support on spouses income?

In California, 20% of a second spouse or S/O income cane be used.

Can a mans new spouse income be used to determined child support in Alabama?

Not generally. However, it is usually based on his income and how many children he has.

If the payor has no job can the souses income be considered in child support?

It depends on the state. Some states allow for spouse income to be affected by child support, like Texas and a few others. There are many however that do not take into account the spouse's earnings so if the non-custodial parents loses their job, their spouse income can not be used in consideration for child support payment amounts.

Can a new spouses income be considered for child support in NYC?

The new spouse is not responsible for his/her spouse's children.

Does the child support court look at the income of the mother if she is remarried?

In general, child support is a percentage of the obligor's net income. Unless there is a substantial difference in the parents' income (e.g., Donald Trump vs. a welfare recipient), the income of the obligee and/or the obligee's new spouse will not affect the amount of the obligor's support.

Is a new spouse income considered for child support dues in Virginia?

In general, remarriage should not increase or decrease one's child support obligation, regardless of the new spouse's income or the presence of stepchildren.

Is a new spouse income considered towards child support in NC?

In general, remarriage should not increase or decrease one's child support obligation, regardless of the new spouse's income or the presence of stepchildren.

Can new spouse income affect child support?

Not normally. The existence of a step-parent doesn't affect the responsibilities of the parent providing child support.

In Indiana is a spouse's income including when calculating child support?

No, unless the spouse is also a biological parent of the child.

Does the new spouse income count in Florida for child support guidlines?

No. Only the biological parents pay for their child.

Should I get more child support if my ex remarries and his spouse makes more money?

No, your ex's new spouse is not responsible for supporting your children ergo their income can not be considered when the courts calculate child support obligation for your ex.

Does my current spouse income affect the amount of child support I will receive from my child's father?

your or your current husband income (probably) wont affect the child support.the child's fathers income will though.

Can a spouses income be used for determining child support in illinois?

Spouses are not responsible for their spouse's child(ren). However, to collect unpaid support, the State may place liens on real and personal property, including bank accounts, owned by the obligor, even though the spouse is a joint owner.

If your ex is remarried is his new wife responsible for a child support order from a divorce decree?

No. Only the biological parents are responsible for the support of their minor children. I have a different answer: If the parent is being supported by his/her spouse then yes, the new spouse has to pay for child support. Some parents tried to get out of paying child support by not working and letting their new spouse support them but that is illegal. The house hold income is counted.

Can a ex make a new spouse pay child support in Illinois?

No. Only biological and legally adoptive parent(s) are responsible for the financial support of their minor children.

Will a new spouse have to pay child support in the state of PA?

Unlike most states, Pennsylvania has no provision for allowing or disallowing a new spouses income in the calculations. It is left at the discretion of the judge ordering support. In many cases, if the new spouse has a significant income which creates a large income variation between the custodial and non-custodial households, a judge will rule to include the new spouse's income in the calculations.

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