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No. Child support is paid by non custodial parent, not step parent. Income of a New Spouse: Contrary to common belief, Illinois law permits judges to consider the income of a second spouse when establishing or modifying child support awards. The door swings both ways, too. A custodial parent who remarries a well-to-do spouse may suffer a reduction in child support to be paid by the non-custodial parent.19 Likewise, a non-custodial parent who remarries a spouse of substantial means may be required by the court to pay a higher child support than if the marriage had not taken place.

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Q: Is Illinois a state that combines income of new spouse for child support?
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Can a new spouse income be considered for child support dues in OH?

A person is not responsible for their spouse's child support, so no, the court doesn't consider their income in setting child support.

If the non-custodial parent remarries can their new spouse's income be included for child support?

The income of your ex-spouse's partner is irrelevant to child support; only your ex-spouses income counts.

Can a new spouse's income be used to reduce child support payments?

if you are paying child support and have a new spouse, their income will not count toward child support unless the two of you have your own children together.

Can a new spouses income be considered for child support in NYC?

The new spouse is not responsible for his/her spouse's children.

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Is the child support amount based upon the ex-spouse's household income in Arizona?

No, not the whole household's income, just the ex-spouse's income. If he/she is remarried the new spouse's income does not count. Only the biological parents pay for their child.

Does the child support lower if new spouse needs support?

Generally, no. It is based on your income and not your expenses.

Can child support be based on income of non custodial parents spouse?

No, child support is based on the biological parents income. no one elses.

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