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Islam is a religion. :]

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What is the main race and religion in libya?

The state religion in Libya is Islam. The majority race is Human.

Is Islam a race or religious belief?

It is religion or religious belief. It is not a race.

What does IsIam mean?

Islam is a religion and a race much like Christianity and Jewism

Which is the worst proselytising religion in the world today?

neck and neck race between catholic christian religion and Islam

Are Muslims Jewish?

No. To be Jewish normally means you are of the Jewish race and follow the Jewish religion, which is Judaism. A Muslim follows Islam. If a Jew converts to Islam, he may still be Jewish in terms of race, but he is no longer Jewish in terms of religion.

Is dwanye Johnson Muslim?

"no, he's hawaiin and black" Its not that the Islam is a Religion and not a race.... but alright....

Is Muslim a race or religion?

By definition, a Muslim is one who follows the religion of Islam. Literal meaning of Muslim is the person who submits himself/herself to God. Any human being could be Muslim irrespective of his/her race. In Islam there is no discrimination on the basis of race. There are many governments, especially in Eastern Europe, who regard people identifying themselves as Muslims, to be an ethnicity due to their ancestors converting to Islam. Some of them are not practicing Islam but still call themselves Muslim. But definitely Islam is the religion of all mankind not of a specific race. No any human can not be called a Muslim, but anyone can follow Islam. Muslim were of those of Afrocentric Areas and now many have converted to Islam but they are not Muslims. I am 52 years old and on my Birth certificate where it ask for race; mine says Muslim. I have been told my my grand parents that we are Muslims not Americans, not Black but Muslims. Islam is religion. It is the God religion since start of universe creation. Refer to question below.

Is Muslim a religion or Islam?

Islam is a religion. Muslim is the follower of Islam religion.

Is Muslims the same as Islam religion?

No, not the same. Islam is the religion. Muslims are the followers of Islam religion or the people who believe in Islam religion.

How do you say good afternoon in Muslim language?

There is no such thing as "Muslim language". Islam is a religion, not a race.

Is Muslim a race?

No. Muslim refers to the Religion. Islam is the Religion and the people that follow it are Muslims. Most are Middle Eastern and Asian but there are many that are European and American. I am Muslim but my race is German and Irish.

Is Muslim a rce or religion?

Islam is not limited by race, or rather, given the way the world operates today, it shouldn't be. While being categorised as a religion, which is not entirely wrong, Islam is a way of life rather than merely a religion.

What is the most popular religion in Islam?

Islam is a religion - therefore the answer is Islam.

Is Islam the religion of Satan?

no Islam is not the religion of Satan it is a beautiful religion

What is the original religion of Islam?

Islam is it self a religion

Is Islam the same as Muslims?

Islam is the religion. Muslims are the followers of Islam religion.

What is religion found by the Prophet Muhammad?

Islam and is the second largest religion of the worldIslamMuhammad is the main proptet in the religion Islam. He is not the religion, but the center of the religion.

Is islam a universal or local religion?

Islam is a universal religion. It is second largest religion of the world, next to Christianity.

Are Muslims and Islam one in the same?

Islam is the religion and Muslims are the followers of the Islam religion.

What country do Muslims live originally?

Islam is a religion, not a race, so there isn't a country that all Muslims are originally from.

Who is the originator of the Islam religion?

Allah is the originator of Islam religion

What is the difference between religion and Islam?

There is no difference. Islam is a religion.

Is Jerusalem the capital of Islam?

Islam is a religion, not a country.Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine and Israel.no Islam is a religion, a religion not a country

Why do people say Islam and Muslim both are religion?

Islam is the religion or faith but Muslim is the one who follows Islam religion.

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