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I find mine attractive. I want to have sex with her but I don't know how to tell her.

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Q: Is It okay you find your girl cousin attractive?
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Should your boyfriend tell other girls i love you?

it depends on who he's telling i love you too, if its is sister, or cousin or relatives its okay, to his best friend who is a girl, okay to a certain aspect. but if it's just another girl, i guess no he shouldn't

Is it bad to date your cousin's x boyfriend?

no and yes if its okay with your cousin because if it is not okay with your cousin who knows what might happen to your relationship between your cousin and you this actually happened to me but my cousin said no because she still had feelings for him and i said its OKAY there is plenty of hot guys out there why only stay on one :) but then again this is MY answer some people might have different answer and might disagree on what I'm statingand it is okay

Is it okay to like your cousin other cousin?

Yes. Most people would say that you are supposed to like your cousin.

Is it okay to date a girl over xbox?

No. Get a life.Hey person above- stop being mean! It is okay to find a girl to date over X-box.

Is it ok to be in love with your cousin?

It is okay to have a crush on your cousin but it is a little awkward to be in love/have a crush on your 1st or 2nd cousin in my opinion

You like your friend who you havent talked to for four years- how should you ask her out?

okay well I'm a girl my answer to that is ask her first if she is seeing anyone then talk about really attractive features on you and attractive features on her that should seal it and pop the question

Is it ok to sleep naked with your older cousin?

No. it is not okay.

What you do when your Boyfriend tells you another girl is hot?

Personally, I'd make a joke out of it. I'd agree or say, "Yeah, but that girl over there is way hotter." It avoids awkwardness and it's okay for your boyfriend to find other girls attractive. I'd imagine he's secure with how he feels about you if he's comfortable enough to say that about another girl around you. If you can respond back with a joke, you give off a confidence that I'd think would be attractive to most guys.

Is it okay to date your third cousin?

You can date anyone you want, whether third cousin or first cousin. Going beyond simply dating may raise issues with a first cousin, but not with a third cousin.

What if you court someone but as the time goes by you started to get in love with her cousin what should you do?

Get away from that family in general. It will cause problems within the family, the first girl will fell rejected and jealous, don't be selfish. If you absolutely need the cousin talk to the 1st girl and explain and ask her if it is generally okay with her. If she struggles with answering- let it go

Is it okay to be a 14 year old girl and think girls are attractive?

Of course it is fine, you may think they are just good looking or you may actually be bisexual or a lesbian but no matter what... be happy with who you are!

Is it okay if you like your cousin?

No, you are related. There are plenty of people you can "like" that you are not related to.