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im not answering but this is for a better reason please help animal abuse for just 60 cents a day you can help a animal be rescued they might be yelling to you to save them please i cant do this bymyself please help im feel bad for them please help at animal please help or please look at animal abuse images and please understand the madness in this world please change it and send the abusers to jail now call aspca please help

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Q: Is Jaden Smith going to live with Will Smith or Jada Smith?
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does jaden smith live in new york

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unknown i<3 jaden smith

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Jaden smith lives at U.S.A

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Jaden Smith lives in Malibu, California, with his parents.

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what street doe jaden smith lives on

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Where did Jaden Smith live?

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jaden smith lives in LA CALIFORNIA AND HIZ NUMBER IS 4927123098

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Jaden Smith Lives In L.A. (Los Angele's California)

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Los Angeles California

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