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yes Jake t. Austin is Latino he is puerto rican

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What religion is Jake T Austin?

Jake T. Austin is a Catholic.

Does Jake t Austin have a Gmail?

No. Jake t Austin doesn't

How did Jake t Austin get famous?

how did Jake t Austin get famous

Is Jake T Austin ill?

No,Jake T. Austin is not ill.

What does the t in Jake t Austin stand for?

The t in Jake t. Austin stands for toranzo.

How big is Jake t Austin?

Jake T Austin is currently 5'6

Whan was Jake t Austin born?

when was Jake t Austin born

Does Jake T Austin have a Twitter?

Yes, Jake T Austin has twitter.

What is the birthyear of Jake T Austin?

Jake T. Austin was born in 1994.

How many nominations has Jake T Austin Had?

Does Jake T Austin have a girlfriend ?

What does the t mean like Jake t Austin?

Jake T. Austin T means "Toranzo".

Where did Jake t Austin find his girlfriend?


How tall is Jake T Austin?

Jake t Austin is 5.6 he said it on you tube

Does Jake t Austin have children?

no Jake t Austin does not have grandchildren he is WAY to young

What is Jake t Austin full name?

Jake T. Austin full name is Jake Toranzo Austin Szymanski Rodríguez LOL:D

Does Jake t Austin believe in god?

Yes, Jake T. Austin believes in God.

What year was Jake T. Austin born?

Jake T Austin was born in 1994.

Does Jake T Austin bite his nails?

Jake t Austin doesn't bite his nails

Is Jake t Austin going to sc soon?

I'm not Jake t. Austin but he might?

Can you come to my birthday Jake t Austin?

I'm sorry Jake t Austin doesn't answer your qustion

Does Jake T Austin like girls with blonde hair?

Only Jake T. Austin can answer this question.

Is Jake t Austin dating Dylan sprouse?

No jake t austin only likes girls.

How old was Jake T Austin when he lived in Mexico?

Jake T Austin never lived in Mexico.

Can Jake T Austin speak some polish?

No, Jake T Austin only speaks English.

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