Jake T. Austin

Born on December 3, 1994, Jake Austin is an American actor famous for his role as Max Russo, on Disney’s "Wizards of Waverly Place" series. He also gave life to Diego in the animated "Go, Diego, Go!" series.

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Jake T. Austin

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Jake T. Austin
Actors & Actresses

How tall is Jake Goldberg?

Jake Goldberg is 5'10

Jake T. Austin

What did Jake T Austin get arrested for?

He was most certainly arrested for a serious traffic offense.

Jake T. Austin

When did Jake T Austin begin smoking marijuana?

Justin is rumored of smoking weed. He does not smoke marijuana.

Jake T. Austin
David Henrie

Will Jake T Austin Be Taller than David Henrie?

I don't think so. But we'll see. :)

Jake T. Austin
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How old is Jake T. Austin?

US actor Jake T. Austin is 23 years old (born Jake Szymanski, December 3, 1994).

Jake T. Austin

What color are Jake T. Austin's eyes?

He has brown eyes, but they tend to look blue whenever he wears a gray shirt.

Jake T. Austin

Does Jake T Austin have hair on his armpits?

Yes, he is 14 and reaching puberty and he's starting to get hair in his armpits.according to this picture he is in early stages


Jake T. Austin

Does Jake t Austin like Puerta Rican girls?

he likes them, but he likes other girls too.
just because he's from that country (mainly) doesnt mean hes just
attracted to those type of girls only.
I heard on a radio that he likes Blondes Brunettes but mostly Redheads, nice colour skin (not waay tanned and not waaay white), he finds freckles cute(:
just some random facts there.

Jake T. Austin

What is Jake T Austin Cell Number?

If you go to his facebook its there but I'm not sure if that's his real number.

Jake T. Austin

Does Jake T Austin have any sisters?

Yes, he has a sister named Ava. Who is an eight year old girl who loves her brother very much.

Jake T. Austin
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What is Jake Burbage's birthday?

Jake Burbage was born on September 27, 1992.

Jake T. Austin

Where does Jake Short live?

where do jake short live

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Jake T. Austin

What is Jake T. Austin's official fan phone number?

A public fan phone number for Jake T. Austin is not known at this time.

Jake T. Austin

What is Jake T Austins Biography?

He is 13 years old.Birthday- December 3, 1994

Height- 4' 11 [almost 5']

Looks- Dreamy Brown eyes with dark brown hair!

his real name is Jake Toranzo Szymanski!!

He has a five year old sister named AVA!!!

So there, that's all i am saying but i know so much more so you will just have to look it up somewhere else!!!


Jake T. Austin

Did Jake t Austin ever date Selena?

No she only dated David Henrie, Nick Jonas, Taylor Launter and now currently dating Cameron Quiseng.

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Jake T. Austin

What is Jake T Austin's religion?

He is a Catholic.

Jake T. Austin

How many girlfriends did ryan ochoa have?

He Hasn't Had Any Yet, Meaning he's Single. He also says That He's "Waiting" for the right girl. I'm a Girl & I ADORE him! But I'm Canadian so I can Probably never meet him...

Jake T. Austin

Who is Jake t Austin in a relationship with?

He's in a relationship with Jennette McCurdy.

Jake T. Austin

How tall is Jake T. Austin?

Jake is 5'7 (170 cm).

Jake T. Austin

Does Jake t Austin sleep with his socks on or off?

Yes, i believe he did.

Celebrity Fan Contact Information
Jake T. Austin

What is Jake t Austin's zodiac sign?

sagittarus/ the archer

Jake T. Austin

What does the t stand for in Jake t Austin?

his moms maiden name
T stands for Toranzo, Jake Toranzo Austin Syzmanski

Jake T. Austin
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How old is Jake goldberg 2011?

He is 13 because he was born in 1998.

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Jake T. Austin
Cole and Dylan Sprouse

How tall was Cole Younger?

6 foot


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