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It's doubtful. He didn't like the way they were treating him in the WWE so he went to TNA. He likes the feel of the ring and everything and he is passionate about Wrestling again.

He will never return to the WWE because the WWE doesn't let anyone really use a ladder or have any of the crazy matches like TNA does.

he will come back because wwe needs him and they want him back

Jeff should come back because its not the same and Matt is all alone

He should,but I have to admit,he probably won't come back.

He should come back because I really think the wwe is not the same without him. Also i wish he would come back he is so hot. I don't think is going to though.

whats wrong with you guys. Jeff Hardy would be an idiot to come back to wwe. In TNA Jeff is one of the main people. He is having a sucsesful singles career in TNA and was guarenteed a future TNA world title shot.

Soon or later The Hardy Boys will debut on TNA IMPACT!

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Q: Is Jeff Hardy ever going back to the WWE?
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Will Jeff hardy ever come back to WWE?

Jeff Hardy will be back in WWE eventually. As of 2010, Jeff Hardy is signed with WWE.

Are you ever going to meet Jeff Hardy?


Is Jeff Hardy ever going to be a bad guy?


Will Jeff hardy ever wrestle again?

Jeff Hardy might or might not be coming back no one knows

Is Jeff hardy ever going to be back in WWE?

yes and he already is well he retired actually. well he might come back

Who was the first ever WWE champion?

Jeff Hardy Jeff Hardy

Will Matt hardy and Jeff hardy become the hardy boyz ever again?

Jeff On TNA

Is Jeff hardy gana come back to the WWE?

There really is no telling if Jeff Hardy will ever come back to wrestle for the WWE, however if he did it would be in at least 4 years as Jeff Hardy has just re-signed with TNA (or Impact) Wrestling.

Will Jeff hardy ever go back 2 WWE?

maybe maybe not i hope he does I'm peter!go hardy

What collage did Jeff hardy go to?

Ever heard of Wikipedia ? Check there . ;). Search Jeff Hardy

What happen to Jeff hardy the wrestler?

cm punk retired him when it was cm punk vs Jeff hardy but teddy long said he can come back when ever he like (after the match).

Is Jeff hardy going to reture to the WWE?

Jeff hardy will not be returning to the wwe. He has raised tna ratings they are keeping him. July 2010 - sorry but Jeff Hardy did not raise the ratings on TNA, in fact ever since TNA hire Hogan their ratings have been steadly dropping. That is why they moved back to Thursday night, and the ratings are still dropping.

Why did Jeff hardy get fired?

Jeff is the best wrestler ever

Is Jeff hardy gone for ever?

no he's not he will be back next year, or mabey even in December!

Is Jeff hardy ever going to return to WWE?

It is unknown if or when Jeff Hardy would go back to WWE. If he were to return, his legal problems would have to be settled. Currently he preforms for TNA wrestling on SpikeTV. As of October 10th, 2010 he is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Is Jeff hardy ever going to turn dirty?

yeahh i was wondering the same thing. i hope so ;)

Did Jeff Hardy ever get arrested?

yes he did

Was Jeff hardy ever on a tna game?


Was Jeff Hardy ever on south park?


Did jeff hardy ever beat john morrison?

Wrestlers Jeff Hardy and John Morrison have had a number of fights. Jeff Hardy has won every fight between the two of them.

When is Jeff hardy going to wrestle again?

On FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN, CM PUNK asked Jeff Hardy if he agreed to make their match official and make their match who ever won would stay on the WWE and who ever lost would be OUT of WWE and Jeff Hardy agreed and you won't believe the backstabbing answer that came back to him (Jeff Hardy) HE LOST! One night on SmackDown! CM Punk challenged Hardy(Jeff) if he would fight him in a steel cage match and the loser would leave WWE. But Jeff has been seen on TNA Impact before and may possibly go there. I think he may come back because if you remember the Undertaker banishing and he came back so anything could happen and SmackDown!'s rating has dropped some so they may want him back, but Hardy may not want to but that sounds nothing like Hardy because he was torn after he lost to Punk(CM).

Will Matt and Jeff Hardy ever be tag team partners again?

Yes Matt Hardy And Jeff Hardy Are Tag Team Partners Again And They Will Not Be Broken Apart Ever Again.(Maybe).

Is Jeff hardy ever coming back?

yes he will be back but he's not gone forever he is taking time off to heal his injuries

Jimmy Snuka or Jeff Hardy?

that's the closest one i have ever heard of but i think Jeff hardy would win

Did Jeff hardy ever date lita?

No! Jeff never dated Lita!.