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Yes.but for the time that jeff had left they no longer hardys brother.

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Q: Is Jeff hardy Matt hardys brother?
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Is Matt hardy Jeff hardys brother?

Yes they are brothers.

What is Jeff hardys real name?

Jeff hardys real name is Jeffrey Nero Hardy. also his brother Matt hardys real name is Mathew Moore Hardy. Edited by: Sam B. Hardy :|

Is Jeff hardy really Matt hardys brother?

Yes. Yes he is.

What is Jeff and Matt hardy brother name?

You mean the stable? They're just 'The Hardys'

What is Matt Hardy's WWE symbol?

Matt Hardys symbol is the icon that he and his brother Jeff had created the symbol is two H's to represent the two of them being the hardys together

What is Jeff and Matt hardys band name?

Matt hardy is not in a band but Jeff Hardy's band is called peroxwhy?gen

What is Matt and Jeff Hardys email?

Jeff Nero Hardy: Matt Nero Hardy:

Jeff hardys dads name?

Jeff Hardy's dads name is Gilbert Moore hardy but sadly Jeff's mom passed away when he was just nine and Matt Jeff's brother was only twelve.

What Jeff hardys brothers name?

Matt hardy

You forgot Jeff hardys number you are Matt hardy his brother?

i don`t see the question basicly it is a statement not a question

Did Jeff and Matt Hardy have a brother?

Jeff hardy and Matt hardy are the hardy again

Who wants to end Jeff Hardys life?

Matt Hardy

Who are Jeff and Matt hardys mother?

Ruby Moore Hardy.

Who is Jeff hardy and Matt hardys fathers name?


What is Matt hardys home address?

well, Jeff Hardys address is 212 Boys Camp Road Cameron,NC 28326 me and Matt & Jeff Hardy

Is Matt hardy's brother Jeff hardy?

yes matt hardy's brother is jeff hardy because they have the same dad and mom

Is Jeff hardys dog jack dead?

Probably not because Matt Hardy would be arrested because in WWE Matt Hardy said he killed Jeff Hardy's dog.

Who is Jeff Hardyis brother?

Jeff Hardy's brother is Matt Hardy.

Who was Jeff hardys first tag team partner?

Matt hardy

What is the name of Jeff and Matt Hardys dad?

His name is Gilbert Hardy.

What is Jeff and Matt hardys middle name?

Jeffrey Nero Hardy Matthew Moore Hardy

Jeff hardy vs matt hardy?

Jeff Hardy wrestled against Matt Hardy in what was called an I Quit match. In the end Matt Hardy was defeated by his brother Jeff Hardy.

Who started Jeff hardys house fire?

matt hardy!

What is Jeff hardys zip code?

Matt And Jeff Hardy's Zip Code is 28326.

Does Jeff hardy like Matt hardy?

Of couse Jeff likes Matt apart from all the mean things he did he loves him and they are now back as the hardys but Jeff losed a match and had to leave for a peirod of time.