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Yes if he is on Smackdown vs Raw 2009 and he still wrestles then yes he will. When's the last time u bought the smackdown vs raw series?

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Yes, Jeff Hardy is going to Smack Down vs Raw 2010

Jeff hardy has been on smackdown for 2 years now going on 3 next year.

Yes Jeff Hardy got drafted to SmackDown.

No,jeff hardy is not going to go to raw in 2009.he has been drafted to smackdown for the year 2009.

he is in SmackDown vs Raw 2009,Smackdown vs Raw 2010 and the smackdown games some of them

he could be back at wreastlermania 26 2010

Yes, Jeff Hardy is playable on WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It.

Jeff Hardy is not on SmackDown vs Raw 2011

Jeff Hardy is not in smackdown vs raw 2011.

Jeff hardy will return if and only if cm punk have an important match so he can make cm punk lose.

The brand Jeff Hardy is on is Smackdown,he is the WWE champion

Jeff Hardy is not in SVR 2011.

Jeff hardy is on tna. Matt is on smackdown

Yes, in fact 2010 has way more characters than 2009.

Jeff is not on RAW anymore. He is on Smackdown

Jeff Hardy is 31 years old. His next birthday will be on August 31.

I doubt Jeff Hardy is going to be in SVR 2007, as he arrived in the WWE very late. Although you can't rule this out, and there will most probably be a CAW if this is the case.

Jeff Hardy will come back in Smackdown at summer!!!!!!!

No he will not return to Raw or Smackdown or the company of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Yes he came to tna on 2010

hardy will be in every version i believe as mostly with smackdown vs raw games every superstar is there but i do not know how you get stone cold in the version of the game

he must be because in all of the other smackdown v raw jeffhardy in them Jeff should be because Edge has been out longer and hes on the cover

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