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I think he will he is the extreme enigma he is extreme with his swanton bombs and munesalds off of crazy places JEFF HARDY RULES BRING HIM BACK TO THE WWE OR TNA

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What is going to happen to Jeff Hardy?

he is going to be in the hall of fame but he will store have the wwe belt

Is jeff hardy a hall of famer?

no. he went to tna so wwe probably wont want him in their hall of fame.

What is the WWE alumini roster?

The WWE alumni roster is anyone who has retired from the WWE, but have not been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Such as Jeff Hardy, JBL, The Rock, ect.

Is Triple H going to be in the hall fame?

Triple H going to be in the hall fame he might be with his budding Shawn Michaels

Is Sting going to be in the WWE Hall of Fame?

It is unknown if Sting will be in the WWE Hall of Fame at this time.

Is Lita going to be in the hall of fame one day?

yes everyone that has been in wwe goes to the hall of fame

How many sports Hall of Fames are there?

* Alberta Sports Hall of Fame * American Bowling Congress * Americas Cup Hall of Fame * Australian Football (soccer) Hall of Fame * Australian Football Hall of Fame (Australian rules football) * Baseball Hall of Fame * Basketball Hall of Fame * BC Sports Hall of Fame * Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame * Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame * Canadian Amateur Wrestling Hall of Fame * Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame * Canadian Curling Hall of Fame * Canadian Football Hall of Fame * Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame * Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame * Canadian Rodeo Hall of Fame * Canadian Sports Hall of Fame * Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame * College Baseball Hall of Fame * College Football Hall of Fame * Colorado Sports Hall of Fame * English Football Hall of Fame * Georgia Sports Hall of Fame * Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame * Hockey Hall of Fame * International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame * International Boxing Hall of Fame * International Game Fishing Hall of Fame * International Gymnastics Hall of Fame * International Motorsports Hall of Fame * International Surfing Hall of Fame * International Swimming Hall of Fame * International Tennis Hall of Fame * International Women's Sports Hall of Fame * Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame * Lethbridge Sports Hall of Fame * Motorsports Hall of Fame of America * Mountain Bike Hall of Fame * NASCAR Hall of Fame (to be completed in 2009) * National Distance Running Hall of Fame * National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame * National Lacrosse League Hall of Fame /(Indoor Lacrosse) * National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame (USA Thoroughbred Horse Racing) * National Soccer Hall of Fame * National Softball Hall of Fame * National Sprint Car Hall of Fame * National Surfing/Wrestling "Ironman" Hall of Fame * National Track & Field Hall of Fame * National Wrestling Hall of Fame * North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame * Polo Museum and Hall of Fame * Professional Women Bowlers Hall of Fame * Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame * Pro Football Hall of Fame * ProRodeo Hall of Fame * Raymond Sports Hall of Fame * St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum * Scottish Sports Hall of Fame * United States Bicycling Hall of Fame * United States Hockey Hall of Fame * United States National Ski Hall of Fame and Museum * U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame * US Lacrosse Hall of Fame * U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame * Virginia Sports Hall of Fame * Volleyball Hall of Fame * WCW Hall of Fame * WWE Hall of Fame * World Figure Skating Hall of Fame * World Golf Hall of Fame * Women's Basketball Hall of Fame

Who was the female playing with Jeff beck at the rock and rock hall of fame concert?

Tal WilkenfeldThe female bass player that played on stage with Jeff Beck at the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame concert is Tal Wilkenfeld.

What actors and actresses appeared in 1983 Hall of Fame Bowl - 1983?

The cast of 1983 Hall of Fame Bowl - 1983 includes: Jeff Hostetler as Himself - Quarterback, West Virginia

When was elvis inducted into the hall of fame?

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: 1986 Country Hall of Fame: 1998 Gospel Music Hall of Fame: 2001 Rockabilly Hall of Fame: 2007

Is Jeff hardy come back to WWE?

maybeIt is a possibility, Jeff Hardy had resigned a contract with TNA.he wont be back anytime soon. I think TNA is better anyway. It has people i grew up watching. Sting, hulk hogan, Jeff jarret, Jeff hardy, Kevin Nash, Scott hall, x-PAC, alot of old dudes.

Do you capitalize football hall of fame in a sentence?

Yes, if you are referring to a particular hall of fame, such as, "We visited the National Football League Hall of Fame." No, when referring to a generic or unspecified hall of fame, such as, "He is in the hall of fame," or "He is in the football hall of fame."

What WWE superstars are singers?

jillian hall but not good and john cena the rapper and Jeff hardy :] the hot one

Does the NFL hall of fame pay you to be in the hall of fame?

No, you have to be retired to be in the Hall of Fame, therefor not being paid.

Is vic power in the hall of fame?

According to MLB Hall of Fame, Vic Power is not in the Hall Of Fame.

Is evander holyfield in the hall of fame?

No and yes, he is in the Atlanta Hall of Fame.. But is not in the World boxing Hall Of Fame.

Who is a Slaughter in the hall of fame?

Slaughter in the hall of fame

Did ted Radcliffe get into the hall of fame?

he did not get into the hall of fame

Is leanardo Da Vinci in the hall of fame?

no he is not in the hall of fame

Is Troy Aikman in the NFL hall of fame?

Technically, no. There is no NFL hall of fame. He is, however, in the pro football hall of fame.

Is Chris Paul going to be in the hall of fame?

too early in his career to tell

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