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Is Jesse draper related to nat and alex wolff?

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Yes Jesse is their cousin who Alex thinks is pretty

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Alex wolff is dating with Jesse draper now?

No, that's his real cousin and Nat's to. Not his girlfriend Alex only likes Jesse as a girlfriend in the show The Naked Brothers Band.

What is Alex Wolf's full name?

Alexander Draper "Alex" Wolff

Does Alex wolff like Jessie?

Well, technically speaking, he does. BUT not in the way that he does on T.V. Jesse Draper is Alex Wolff's Cousin so he does like her but in a Family type of way.

Is Polly Draper Jesse Draper niece?

No Polly Draper is Nat and Alex Wolff's mom. So Jesse Draper is Polly Draper's neice.

What Is Alex Wolffs Real Name?

Alexander Draper wolff

What is Alex Wolff's real name?

Alexander Draper Wolff

What is Alex Wolff's middle name?

His name is Alexander Draper Wolff. His mother's family name is Draper, of the Draper banking family.

What is Alex Wolff's full name?

Alexander Draper Wolff (His mother uses her family name: Polly Draper)

Who are nat and alex wolff's parents?

They're the sons of Michael Wolff and Polly Draper

What is the name of Alex wolff babysitter?

Jesse It's there cousin

What is Alex and Nat Wolff's dad name?

Father: Micheal Wolff Mother: Polly Draper

What are nat and alex's full names?

nat's real name is Nathaniel Wolff and alex 's real name is Alexander Draper Wolff

Who starred in The Naked Brothers Band?

The Naked Brothers band Television series had a few characters i it. A few of the main actors were Natt and Alex Wolff who starred as themselves, Allie DiMeco starred as Rosalina, Jesse Draper starred as Jesse cook.

When was nat and alex wolff born?

Alexander Draper Wolff was born on November 1, 1997. His brother, Nathaniel Marvin Wolff, better known as Nat, was born on December 17, 1994.

What are Nat and Alex Wolf's parents names?

their dad's name is Michael wolff and their mom's name is polly draper

Who is related to nat wolff?

Alex Wolff,Micheal Wolff,Polly Draper.His cusions,grandparents,his aunts/uncles.

Is alex wolff dead?

No! Alex Wolff is NOT dead!

Is Alex wolff smart?

Alex wolff is an average

What are all of the songs alex wolff has written?

the songs are, that's how it is, i could be, changing, why, jesse, blueberry cotton.

Are nat wolff and alex wolff brothers?

Yes Alex and Nat Wolff are brothers

Is Alex wolff a christain?

no alex wolff is currently Jewish

Who is Jesse Draper?

Jesse Draper is an actress who graduated from UCLA in 2006, with a degree in acting. Her father is venture capitalist, Tim Draper (founder of the global venture capital company, 'Draper, Fisher, Jurvertson'). She co-stars as the clueless baby sitter and tutor, Jesse Cook in the part documentary and part rock-mockumentary musical comedy, "The Naked Brothers Band," a hit Nickelodeon series, created and executive produced, frequently written and directed by, Polly Draper (Jesse's aunt, who was the star of "thirtysomething") and is the mother to the shows' stars: Nat and Alex Wolff, which is based on the real-life band they formed in pre-school. The boys father and Ms. Draper's husband is jazz pianist and composer, Michael Wolff (bandleader on "The Arsenio Hall Show," who worked with artists ranging from Nancy Wilson, Warren Zevon, B.B. King and Frank Sinatra).

Does Alex and nat wolff have a sister?

No, Alex and Nat Wolff do not have a sister.

Who does Alex Wolff love?

Alex Wolff is dating Noah Cyrus x

Is alex wolff 12?

Alex Wolff is thirteen and will be 14 on November 1st.