Is Jif peanut butter on the recall list?

Peanut Butter Recall October 2012

The recall involves products made by Sunland, Inc., so to date (October 18, 2012), Jif peanut butter has not been affected. Affected brands include Sunland, Natural Value, Valencia, The Nut Shop, and Treasured Harvest.

For a full list of recalled products, visit the Related Link.


Peanut Butter Recall March 4th 2011 (Jif is not affected)

Althoughf Skippy reduced-fat peanut butter and RF PB spread were recalled due to possible contamination with Salmonella bacteria, Jif is SAFE
Jif is not on the list f FDA recalled Peanut butter.

In fact, As consumers in 16 states could be affected by the recall, Jif peanut butter owned by J.M. Smucker Co. (SJM), might get a boost in sales.


Recall of 2009

As of Jan 20, 2009, it does not look as if Jif peanut butter in the jar has been recalled.

According to Sharon Smith, of the Patriot-News:
"Choosy moms can still choose Jif, Peter Pan, Skippy and a whole host of other private label peanut butter in a jar.

Those items are not part of the nationwide recall of peanut butter products that are thought to contain salmonella, according to the Food and Drug Administration."
For up-to-date information, you can always check the website of the FDA -- the Food and Drug Administration. Click on the Related Link to do a search by product name.