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No, John Cena is married to Elizabeth Huberdeau.

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Does John Cena have a daughter with maria?

no. john cena does not have a daughter with maria. he is married...not to maria though:-)

Does cena go out with maria?

No, John Cena is married.

Is John Cena and maria going out?

no, cena is a married man.

Are john cena and maria dating?

No, Cena is married to another women

Who is John Cena marriend?

Maria Cena November 2009, Cena is not married to Maria, nor did they ever date. He is married to his high school sweetheart Liz. They were married July 11, 2009

Are WWE maria kiddles and john cena getting married?

No Cena and Maria are not getting married they have never even dated. He is dating Mickie James

Who is john cena going out with now?

mariaSorry but Cena and Maira have never dated. Cena is married to his high school sweetheart!John Cena is married. His wife's name is Elizabeth Huberdeau. They were married on July 11, 2009

Do john cena love maria kanellis?

John cena's married. So no he doesn't.

Watch the john cena and maria kiss?

youtube john cena and maria kiss

Does WWE maria like john cena?

Yes Maria does like John Cena

Who has John Cena kissed?

rachel tripp John Cena has kissed Maria Kanellis. But it was a WWE storyline. He is currently married to Elizabeth Huberdeau.

Who is John Cena dating?

john cena is dating maria John Cena never dated Maria he dated Mickie James briefly

Is John Cena and Maria Kanellis Married?

No, john cena is already married to his highschool sweetheart Elizabeth Huberdeau they married July 11 2009 and have a daughter named belinda i got this off of his twitter

Who is John Cena married to?

John Cena is married to Elizabeth Huberdeau.

Is John Cena married with kids?

John Cena is married but he does not have kids.

Did John Cena kiss maria?

yes he did............if you go on YOUTUBE.COM and type in john cena and maria and it will show you

Who was with john cena in cena vs rikishi rap battle?

John cena was with his girlfriend Maria

Which wrestlers are married to other wrestlers?

Stephanie is married to Triple-h . vickie Guerrero is married to Edge. Vickie Guerrero is married to Eddie Guerrero. John cena is married to MariaAnswerjohn cena isn't married to mariaNot only is John Cena not married to Maria, Edge and Vickie Guerrero are not married.However Sharmell Sullivan and Booker T are married and so are Kristal and Bobby LashleyWho could ever forget the two hottest wrestlers: RANDY ORTON and SHAWN MICHAELSRandy Keith Orton-Samantha SpenoMichaels Shawn Hickenbottom-Rebecca Curci

How many times did john cena get married?

2 times john cena get married

What does John Cena and Maria's baby look like?

John Cena and Maria DO NOT have a child.

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