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No they are not related. Julia has only a sister, Gina.

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Q: Is Julia Bradbury related to Jason Bradbury?
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Are Julia Bradbury and Jason Bradbury related?


Is Julia Bradbury related to Tom Bradbury?


When was Julia Bradbury born?

Julia Bradbury was born on July 24, 1970, in Dublin, Ireland.

Is Julia bradbury married?

Yes, Julia Bradbury is currently married. As of July 2014, Julia is married to Gerard Cunningham. The couple married in 2000.

When was Jason Bradbury born?

Jason Bradbury was born on 1969-04-10.

What is Jason bradbury's ps3 ID?


What is Jason bradbury's gamertag?

BRadbury-_-568 (PS3 Name)

Is Julia bradbury Jewish and married?

jb was born in Ireland, she is single.

Is Jason bradbury gay?

He is a Bi Guy...

What is Jason bradbury xbox live gamertag?


Is Julia Bradbury the BBC watchdog Jewish?

Don't think so, half Greek

What is Jason Bradbury's birthday?

His birthday is April 10th 1969

How does Bradbury use Magna Carta in Fahrenheit 451?

Julia johnson chester

Is Julia stiles and Kelly Clarkson sisters?

No. Julia Stile and Kelly Clarkson aren't in any way related. The only siblings Kelly Clarkson has are her older sister Alyssa and her older brother Jason.

Is Julia bradbury gay?

Sorry to disappoint so many men out there and keen followers! But Julia Bradbury is a out and out lesbian and has been for many years! Because of her Irish roots and status she has not come out as such but in the world of 'celebrity land' it is common knowledge.She is normal is married to Gerard Cunningham since 2000 and has a son.

Is Quentin Somerville related to Julia Sommerville?

No, Quintin Somerville and Julia Somerville are not related.

Is James Cameron related to Julia Cameron of the Artist Way?

James Cameron and Julia Cameron are not related.

What actors and actresses appeared in Bradbury Bear Fire Ranger - 1998?

The cast of Bradbury Bear Fire Ranger - 1998 includes: Julia Mottram as Female Customer Rik Payne as Shop Manager Matteo Sedazzari as Malcolm Simon Skinner as Voice of Bradbury Bear

What is the background music called on Julia Bradbury wainwright's walks?

Music composed by the singer-songwriter Alex Cornish

Is Julia Stiles related to Ryan Stiles?

They are not related.

Is Jason Lee related to Bruce Lee?

No, Jason Lee is not related to Bruce Lee. Neither is Jason Scott Lee or Jason Lee Scott.

Are Chris Brown and Jason derulo related?

No, Chris Brown and Jason Derulo are not related.

What actors and actresses appeared in Mercenaries - 2001?

The cast of Mercenaries - 2001 includes: Jason Bradbury as Himself - Presenter

What actors and actresses appeared in German Wanderlust - 2010?

The cast of German Wanderlust - 2010 includes: Julia Bradbury as Herself - Presenter

Has Julia Bradbury even been married?

Yes she was married 24th August 2006 to Leonardo Dicrarpio. but got a devorce on the 18th of July 2007