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Q: Is Justin comb really diddy son?
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Is Justin combs diddy step son?

No, Justin IS his son. Quincy is Diddy's stepson

Does Diddy's son Justin have a girlfriend?


How old is diddy's son?

Justin is 16 in Jan.

Do p diddy son Justin go with renigae?


Does Diddy have a son named Justin?

No his son like this girl named angel hastings his son is called P-wee or Little Diddy

What is the name of p diddy's eldest son?

Justin combs

When was p diddy's son Justin born?

he was born on 1994

Who is Justin doir combs?

puff daddy/ p. diddy's son

What is p diddy son real name?

Quincy brown , Justin Dior Combs & Christian Combs .

How old is Justin Combs?

Justin Dior Combs (son of Sean "Diddy" Combs) is 24 years old (birthdate December 30, 1993).

What is Justin Dior Combs' real name?

That is his real name. He is the oldest son of Sean "P. Diddy" Combs.

What is p diddy oldest son whole name?

Justin Dior Combs and he's my boyfriend so stay away!! :)

Who is Madison brim?

Madison Brim is the daughter of Misa Hylton and JoJo Brim and is the sister of Diddy's son Justin Combs

How old is diddy's son christian?

Diddy's son Christian is 12 years old born April 1998.

Is diddy kong donkey kongs son?

No, Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's nephew.

Who is tanasia Johnson?

she a celeb she don't do anything special i don't think. im not sure but on Google she has pics with diddy and she hangs with diddy sexy son Justin and gunit but if i know what she does I'll let you no, im just a fan

Is Diddy Kong Donkey Kongs son or his younger image?

his son

Does Niki manaj really have a son?

yes his name is justin biener

How is donkey kong and diddy kong related?

The best answer is probably that Diddy is either Donkey Kong's friend or nephew.The truth is nobody really knows that answer,because nintendo never realesed the answer. We do know that Diddy is definitely not Donkey Kong's son. The best guess is that he ishis nephew, but it is possible that Diddy is his friend

Does Justin Timberlake have a son?

No, Justin Timberlake does not have a son.

Does Justin Biebers mum work?

no cos there is really no need as her son isJUSTIN BIEBER.

When was P Diddy son Quincy Birthday?

June 17 1992

Is Quincy brown p diddys son?

No he is not P Diddy's son. He is Kim's Child from a previous relationship

Does Justin have a son?


Does diddy dirty money have kids?

yes but dont know the names he have a son i think