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Will i love him so much so i hope he is giveing love to me!

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โˆ™ 2011-05-05 23:39:58
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Q: Is Justin give love to abbie?
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Abbie's father is Justin Gednalske I thought?

Yes Justin Gednalske is abbie mays father i am her sister...

Does justin bieber sister abbie play on webkinz?

He doesn't have a sister called Abbie.

What is abbie biebers favourite song?

Abbie Bieber is not a real person, and no relation to Justin Bieber.

How old is Justin biebers older step sister abbie?

Abbie is twelve years old

Does Justin Bieber like abbie eason?

no he doesn't

Does Justin Bieber have a step sister named Abbie?


Does Niall Horan love abbie chambers?


How are Abbie Justin Jazmyn and Jaxon related?

After Justin's parents split up, his dad- Jeremy married another woman who already had a daughter- Abbie, and they went on to have two more children, Jazmyn and Jaxon! So Abbie is Justin's step sister. But Jazzy and Jaxon are his half brother and sister- but he doesn't like to think of it like that.

Who is Abbie Bieber to Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber does NOT have a sister named Abbie. It may be some fan being a fan and putting his last name as hers. She may be his cousin, but they are not in the same immediate family.

Will Justin Bieber go out with a girl called abbie?

no way not in a million years

Does Justin Bieber have a sister called abbie Bieber?

NO he does not he has 2 half sibling jazzmin and jaxon bieberJustin Bieber does not have a sister named Abbie Bieber.

Does Justin have a a sister named abbie?

well abbie is not Justin real sister she's his step-sister ur all so f***ed up go get a life cause if u knew jb u would know he doesnt have a sis named abbie it is his x~gurl

Can you audition for shameless?

i would love to audition for shameless from abbie

Who is Justin Biever's sister?

its bieber and he has a baby sister named Jazmin and a stepsister named Abbie

What rhymes with Abbie?

hmm Abbie.. Abbie kadabbie Maddie Abbie is saddie. haha Good question.. Abbie Dabbie

What spell do you use to become a wizard?

I love Justin Bieber give me Bieber Fever!

How do you say i love abby in french?

J'adore abbie Thanks KJW x

Is Forrest Landis related to John Landis?

christian Frankie abbie bieber are Justin's brothers and 1 sister

Does Justun Bieber have a sister?

Justin Bieber has a sister called Abbie. They have different names due to family reasons.

What nicknames does Abbie Mason go by?

Abbie Mason goes by Abbie.

What is Justin Bieber's step sister Abbie full name?

Justin does not have a step-sister he has a younger half sister names Jazmyn and she is 2 going to be 3 soon.

Do Selena love Justin for real?

yes,she love justin for real

Does Justin go with Kayla?

YES!!!!!!! Justin is in love with her and Kayla love him to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the love color of Justin?

the love color of Justin Bieber is Pink ;)

Do you like Justin or Enrique?

I love Justin Bieber only because he has a cute smile,I love boys with brown eyes,I love his hair,and his voice.I hope I get to meat him some day!I love him for him. if I see him then I will kind of just give him a huge hug.