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No, but it is for Black People.

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Q: Is Kentucky Fried Chicken for fat people?
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How many calories in 2 pieces of Kentucky Fried Chicken?

650calories and lots of Fat

Does KFC mean Kills Fat Children?

Of course it doesn't. It is the brand of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

What has more calories grilled or fried chicken?

Fried chicken. Grilled meat is not fat free, but it is almost always lower in fat than fried food.

Why did slavery contiune after the revolution?

Cause people realized that fat people ate fried chicken

Which is healthier baked chicken or fried chicken?

Baked chicken might be healthier if you mean fried chicken as in "oil" fried chicken. If you are just frying the chicken itself with no other ingredients, then the fat will be fried out of the chicken, so that could be considered healthier.

Steamed chicken with skin or fried chicken nuggets the most fat content?


Does Kentucky Fried Chicken make you obeise?

Kentucky Fried Chicken does not make you obese. Eating it in excessive quantities can make you obese but that relates to the number of calories you ingest and not where the calories came from.Although fast food tends to have a higher calorie and fat content than many other foods, none of them cause obesity if they are eaten in moderate quantities.

What is unhealthy about fried chicken?

Chicken itself is not unhealthy. Fried foods in general are considered unhealthy due to the high fat in the oil it is cooked in.

Does grilled chicken make you fat?

Yes, almost all foods make you fat. But grilled chicken is healthier than fried.

Can cholesterol people eat grill chicken?

Yes, of course . It is grill not fried so it has less fats. But also depends on what type of chicken lean or fat.

What is the components of chicken?

Chicken tenders are boneless strips of chicken breast

Why should a chicken pan fried in moderately hot fat rather than hot fat?

If you cook the chicken in hot fat, it will usually gets an unpleasant flavor.