Is Kenya a stable government?

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Why isn't Kenya a stable government?

Because its run by a bunch of apes.

What type of government did Kenya have?

The type of government Kenya has is republic.

What form of government does Kenya Africa have?

Kenya has a Republic government

What type of government does the country of Kenya have?

the type of government that Kenya has is the republic

Is Vietnam's government stable?

YES. The Vietnamese government is very stable.

What is a stable government?

A stable Government is when there is no fighting in the governments country

What statement best describes Kenya in the years since its independence?

Thanks to it's stable government it has been able to accept refugees from Somalia and South Sudan

Does Ethiopia have a stable government or an unstable government?

Its a known fact that Ethiopia doesn't have a stable government.

Can the people in Kenya choose who will lead their government?

do people in kenya get to choose there goverments

Are most farms in Kenya owned by farmers and not the government?


What form of government does Kenya have?


What is the type of government in kenya?


What is the form of Government in Kenya?


What year did Mexico achieve a stable government?

Mexico gained a stable government in August 24

Do people in kenya have a say against the government?

They do have a say against the government

Why was the government of Eygpt stable under Ramses II?

The government was stable under Ramses ll because having one ruler for 66 years made the government of Egypt stable.

Does Romania have a stable government?

Difficult to say, approximately stable.

How stable is the current form of government of Iran?

`Not very stable

Is Spain's government stable?

Spanish Government is fully stable. It is usually elected every four years.

Is the government in Togo stable?

Yes, Togo is a very stable country but the government isn't the best it could be.

How politically stable is Israel?

Israel is very politically stable. Almost all threats to the Israeli government are external, not internal, which is the mark of a stable government.

How many branches of government does Kenya have?


Which form of government exist in Kenya'?


What form of government exist in Kenya?


What voting rights do citizens have in Kenya?

Kenyans are allowed to vote in a free election held by the government. Elections are held in Kenya for citizens to have a say in the government.

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