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Q: Is Kessler Arms Corp still in business?
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How old is a Kessler Model 228 FR shotgun?

Not much info out there on Kessler Arms Corp. What is known is that these guns were made from 1951 - 1953.

What is the value of a kessler arms corp model 228 fr 16 gauge?

In good shape the most is $120.

Who owned Kessler Arms Corp and who manufactured their shotguns?

It was a corporation, so it was owned by the stockholders, and manufactured guns in Silver Creek, New York.

Where was the kessler firearms corp?

East coast

Is Hercules gas-munitions corp still in business?


What is value and age of Kessler 12 ga. bolt action shotgun?

Kesslerr Arms Corp seems to have lasted only three years, 1951-53. A bolt action is unlikely to bring more than $100 even if still in like-new condition

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What is the symbol for Marlin Business Services Corp in NASDAQ?

The symbol for Marlin Business Services Corp. in NASDAQ is: MRLN.

What is the value of a Kessler arms corp mdl 326?

I just got a Kessler mdl 326 20 gauge shotgun, apparently Kessler made these bolt action shotguns from 1951-1953 before they went out of buisness. On the underside of the barrel their should be three numbers that will denote whether it is 51,52, of 53. In mint condition these guns are only worth about $150. Towards the end of production the quality fell sharply- the magazines would jam while loading. Fun guns though.

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