Is King David a role model for people today?

King David was widely referred to as, "a man after God's own heart". This would be the ultimate of compliments to a man's integrity and character. David spent much time in prayer and dedication to God. This included taking steps of faith such as fighting Goliath and standing up to King Saul. We all have "Goliath's" in our life that seem like they are impossible obstacles to overcome, but if we remember the faith that David had that God would deliver him. He trusted that God would fulfill the promise that he delivered to David through the prophet Samuel.

However, David was a man and had his share of weaknesses. He struggled with lust and had the power to act on his lust with Bathsheba. He didn't stop there and had Bathsheba's husband killed in order to cover up his sin. In the midst of this, God chose to use him to accomplish His will.

In his early years I believe David was a great role model for people today. The faith and courage he displayed are quite admirable. However, in his later years David struggled in his sin as you can read in the Psalms. David still remains a great leader and God chose to make a covenant through him that his line would deliver the Messiah (Jesus).