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Is Korea a third world country?

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2016-02-27 02:04:10

Korea, as in South Korea, is a first-world country. North Korea

is a third-world hellhole.

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2016-02-25 09:46:56

No. If by Korea you mean South Korea (since 'Korea' normally

means the South, NOT the North; North Korea is a separate country

and it's always referred to as 'North Korea'), the answer is an

incredulous "Are you kidding?". Korea is one of the richest

countries in Asia, with a very high standard of living. It's also

one of the largest economies in the world, despite its small size.

It boasts a very high-tech popular culture, with way faster

internet than pretty much any other country, east or west. It's one

of the world's leaders in robotics and consumer electronics today,

as well as exporting a huge amount of popular entertainment

products such as movies and TV programs all over the world. It's

rich, advanced and progressive. Immigrants from other countries

flock to Korea in search of a better life. North Korea could be

referred to as being a third world country due to its

under-development and poverty.

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