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Is Kristen rodeheave are exgirlfriend of Justin Bieber?


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No...... she was just in his music video and is his friend that's all :)

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No. They are just friends. and they always will be

No, Justin Bieber is NOT dating Kristen Rodeheaver, they use to. Justin is now rumored to be dating Selena Gomez.

hell no Justin beiber is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fine

Justin bieber does not like kristen, he is still single though and is looking for that special girl. he also says and i quote " i am single.. and ready to mingle"

Kristen Rodeheaver is the one who kissed Justin Bieber in the video "One Time".

She was the girl that appeared on the "One Time" video (Justin Bieber).

Kristen rodeheaver is a model and old singer in LA and Justin bieber found her on a private website and thought she looked stunning so he used her for his one time music video.

No. Justin and Kristen has not been having diners together cause they broke up. Justin and Kristen never went out. theyre just friends . she was in his music video one time, That's it.

Maybe, maybe not this is a question to ask her yourself.

he wrote it because his exgirlfriend who died 2 years ago.it was out of the blue.i was so sad for him when i found out i wanted to cry for him.:'(

Kristen Rodeheaver She is an aspiring actress/model

her name is Kristen rodeheaver. her twitter to prove it is www.twitter.com/kristennleanne same with youtube and no he doesnt. they are just friends

The girl in One Time video was Kristen Rodeheaver.

Kristen rodeheaver the girl is 15 teen Justin bieber is 15 to $$

obviously Kristen rodheaver is hardly blacj is she ?

What I Know About Justin Bieber's Friend Ryan Butler Is That He Was In The "ONE TIME" Video With Justin Bieber And Kristen Rodheaver.

Yes, he does like her. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is sooooo not fair!!!!!!!!!!! But I don't like him!!!!

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