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Lady Gaga is one of the best pop singers there is. and she is the queen of pop

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The most recognizable star ever is Britney Spears, Kesha, Lady Gaga and a lot more. but lady gaga is known far better than anyone..

lady gagaDefinitely Star Wars

when did lady gaga be a popstar

No, Justin Bieber is not Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are two separate people. Lady Gaga is a female pop star and Justin Bieber is a male pop star.

No, Lady Gaga does not YET have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

2 times. Once was with famous star - Speedy.

yes lady gaga is the most popluar popstar are singer

Lady Gaga is an Aries.

Lady Gaga was something like 15-20.I have no Idea.All i know is that Lady Gaga is in serious love with guys.

the most popular star is lady gaga

No, Lady Gaga was not a adilt film star. She was, however, a burlesque dancer in the early days of her career in New York's Lower East Side.

She's a Western star. She's from America

Lady Gaga is an international Pop Star. She is the most popular person of our generation.

Because moshi monster made a baby lady gaga and now moshi can not have that character

Led Zeppelin are more famous than Lady Gaga; Zeppelin are rock music legends, whereas Lady Gaga is a current pop star.

lady gaga is a a pop star or hip hop i dont no you figger it out you expect me to no every thing well i dont

She was born on March 28. She is an Aries.

he love lady gaga because of her style !

U know , Akon foubd her :-)

The answer is Lady Gaga why ? Because she is a pop star and a singer but Hello kitty is just a TV actor that why xxx

Nope. One is a country music star and the other is a pop star. Just a coincidence that they both have "lady" in their stage names.

Italian-American. Like moi! Lady Gaga is a very proud star n stripe girl but is highly ashamed of her Italian heritage.

no i believe that lady gaga is

No -_- She's a pop singer,NOT a Rock singer.

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