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No you do not need a landline phone service to have a satellite dish installed in your home. Satellite has nothing to do with phone service.

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Q: Is Landline Phone Service necessary for satellite dish?
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Landline Phone Service?

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Where can I go to find affordable landline phone service?

Verizon offers great deals on landline phone service.

What is an affordable landline phone service in Duluth, MN?

Verizon offers great deals on landline phone service in your area.

What phone company in Nevada provides discounted landline phone service?

Vonage provides discounted landline phone service all over the United States!

Where can I compare affordable landline phone services?

Verizon offers great deals on landline phone service.

What landline phone service providers cover my area?

AT&T Landline Phone Service Traditional landline phone service from AT&T with unlimited local & long distance calling plans, just local phone service, or loocal with cent per minute long distance calling plans.

I am looking for a home phone landline are there any available?

I am looking for landline phone are there any available? how do I sign up for a landline service with the government?

Why should I have a landline phone service is I have a cell phone?

A landline phone could be used for when your cell phone signal goes out and for emergencies in the household.

What percentage of households have a landline phone service?


Which companies have affordable landline phone service in the United States?

The most popular landline phone service in the US comes from AT&T or Verizon. You can also look into Vonage, which is like a landline over the internet.

Where in Atlanta can I get internet service without a landline phone?

There is usually no need to have a landline phone to obtain internet service. Any internet service provider in your area can discuss wireless or cable internet with you.

What are the advantages of using a landline phone service over cellular?

A landline phone is much more relaible. It will most commonly have more reliable service as opposed to a callular phone, which can have outtages and blackout areas.

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