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Is Lee Myung Bak a good president?


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May 20, 2012 3:26PM

As I'm was finding some informations about him I'll answer you. First the big project done by him was the four rivers project. It was really criticized by many people and about 20000000000000 won was used to build it and more are being used as when rain comes the sand just go back to its place and gets refilled. It is still not made yet. Also he has done FTA with US. Of course if it was just normal FTA it would have beed okay but it was unfair FTA. Mostly good for US. first about the beef the biggest issue, the other countries are only importing the cow that was under 20months old while Korea imports cows that are under 30months old. In addition even if Korea government said if crazy cow desease was found we would not report, we are still importing it even when crazy cow desease appeared again.

Not only this there is other big issue of him invading the three big broadcasting company in democratic country. Because the information that the they broadcast is not right the people working in there started a riot against it and not working. But still Lee Myung Bak is doing nothing to it.

Finally if you search for his bribery or making his nearby person in a high place is easily found. It is not directly linked to him but it is mostly about his family or person close to him in politics.

I'm a lot biased you can find some good things about him but you should remember that president should not be good to someone because he is close to you. He should be fair but I feel that he has failed in that part