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Is Lita really mad at Matt or is it just a story?


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It was not a story line it was real. Lita and Matt are no longer together and she Edge are no longer together, Edge and his wife divorced over this.


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their really not it is just a publicity thing for their story lines and crap

No,it was just a storyline

No,it was just a storyline.

Edge and Lita are fine.They had enough of pubkicity and so is just concentrating on their kids and their own lives.

She might be because Kane is really protecting Lita. Well its basically a 50/50. take one side she was forced to marry Kane and on the other he saved her from snitsky breaking litas neck Are you for real, she is not into Kane, edge is the man for her. i think so because when snicky tried breaking her neck she was scared but she gave a small smile to Kane The marriage itself was fake and there is no real love or marriage at all.It was done to entertain the fans. I'm pretty sure she's still dating Matt, who was released today 04-12-05, but no word as to marrying Kane, check for updates on matthewmoorehardy.com, which is not my site, but as to my opinion, no. In the plot line she is, in real life no she loves Matt Acually, Lita cheated on Matt with Adam Copeland (Edge), then one of Matt's friends wrote the whole thing on the internet, this caused Matt's release, I believe the WWE handled this very poorly, not only did his long-term girlfriend cheat on him, but he also gets released. No its probaly just entertaiment if i was Lita i would Mary Matt Hardy or Jeff Hardy lol but that's just me Team Extreme RULES. NO,she will decive him lita is never gonna love Kane she still loves Matt hardy remember in the wedding she said i will always love Matt hardy lita just turned her back on Kane and hepled edge win the goldrush compotion Lita doesnt REALLY love Kane its just one of WWE's sope apra story lines. In real life,Lita was cheating on Matt with Edge while Matt was rehabing his knee. Bcuz WWE was afraid of what might happen if Matt,Edge,and Lita where all working 2gether they fired the least important person at the time, Matt Hardy.He was the least important person bcuz at the time edge was a contender for the world title, and Lita was a contendar for the womens title.

Cold-Hearted LitaOf course she became cold-hearted when she betrayed Kane. Does she really love any of these men? Look at how things with Matt went. To be honest, she said she loved Matt and look at what she did. She might actually really love Edge because if she did not whe would be with the next fallen victim. What Trish said about Lita was true. Lita is a kiss of death. First of all, when she was with Matt, his career ended with a brutal injury from Kane at their wedding. When she was with Kane, his windpipe and neck broken by Gene Snitsky and was out a very long time. Her last victim before she retired, Edge, he got a side effect off the stage the same as Matt did. Lita just stood there looking like the stupid rat that she is.

in interviews she said it was due to the disrespect she got from fans and how much hate she got for cheating on matt. but to be honest i think it was just a way to end a storyline after the scandal was done WWE probably didnt have any more ideas on what to do with Lita. :/ Lita never said that!! She left to pursuse a music career with her band

No they were not it was just storyline

No, its just a scripted gag from Alberto Del Rio in Edge's retirement party.

No it was just a storyline.

No,it was just a storyline

No,it was just a storyline.

No. It was just a storyline

No,that was just a storyline.

She didn't,it was just a storyline.

No that was just a storyline

Umm I read in an article somewhere that they do. I think they do they just do't want to relive what happend before. So obviously i don't know but i think that they do.

That is really just a matter of opinion, but personally, I think Matt Damon is definitely hotter.

No it was just a made up story

In away it is fake. some of the things that happen on wwf, ecw, tnt, wwe are just for show . for exmple Kane and lita being married and the baby. are just storyline. In real life glen Jacobs aka Kane is married to a lady that is not on wwe. He also has a kid with her. not ever thing on tv is real. lita and Matt hardy in real life did have a relationship, for a few years. that part is ture. Another exmple is that Kane and the Undertaker are not brothers. It is just for show. Matt and Jeff Hardy are real brothers. that is ture. another storyline on wwe is that lita and edge are not married. just another plot. They put these storys in wwe so more people will witch and to keep you wondering what will happen next. WWE IS JUST A SHOW.

Lita It Just Feels Right - 2001 V is rated/received certificates of: UK:12

no that is just a story line

They never had a baby. It was just a storyline.

No she did not die. She just retired from WWE wrestling

They aren't married. It was just a storyline.

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