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Is Lita really pregnant and if so whose baby is it?

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Lita was NOT pregnant. It was a storyline.

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Is Lita really pregnant and if so who's baby is it?


Did edge and lita have a baby?

No lita has never been pregnant!

Lita baby is Kane or Matt hardy?

Lita never had a baby

Did lita cheat on Matt?

YES BECAUSE lita had kanes baby and it was so that Matt wouldn't gett pumbled Sorry but Lita was never pregnant that was a storyline, and yes she did cheat on Matt in real life with Edge

Is WWE lita's baby WWE edge's the daddy?

Lita's baby belongs to Matt Hardy, her real life boyfriend. Feb 2009 WRONG!!! Lita was never going to have a baby it was a storyline. Lita has no children, neither does Matt or Edge. Actually lita was pregnant it was Matt's when he found out that the baby died. and it was because of Kane. Matt was very upset with Kane , and did not like Kane for the longest time

What did lita do to kanes baby?

Nothing has there was no baby

Was Lita's baby really Matt Hardy's?

NO, the baby wasn't Matt Hardy's... August 25, 2008 Lita was never going to have a baby it was a storyline.

Did WWE lita have a baby?


What did lita do with Kanes baby?

when snitsky made his debut(against Kane back in 06) he made lita miscarry his baby

Did lita miscarriage Kane's baby?

They never had a baby. It was just a storyline.

If a male doesn't have chlamydia and his pregnant girlfriend does is the baby his?

You can't answer the question of whose baby it is based on the chlamydia tests.

Is Vanessa pregnant with Zac Efons baby?

yes she is and she will have the baby in 2010no he did not get her pregnant but she gave him an std that's really true

Dana Barron is Pregnant - Is Dana Barron really having a baby?

No She is not pregnant.

Is Beyonce pregnant to her second baby?

yes beyonce is really pregnant with her second child

Is leigh Allan baker really pregnant?

Yes she is pregnant with a baby boy, I believe.

Did lita have a baby?

no she lost her baby because Kane fell on her that big oaf

Is Miley Cyrus thinking about becoming pregnant?

MILEY is NOT going to have a baby really I NO really i do

On WWE when and how did edge and lita breck up?

Kane took Lita and convinced her to sleep with him, in exchange, Edge would not be beaten to a pulp. This eventually led to the pregnancy angle, the wedding, Kane's turn, and the death of the baby via Snitski's "it wasn't my fault" angle. nononono lita went out with Matt and Kane kidnapped lita because Kane loved her and lita pretended to love him and evantually Kane forces lita to marry him but she hated him and still loved Matt and Matt proposes to lita and she says yes but matts best friend edge started going out with lita and then Matt finds out he staryts hating edge and falls out with lita so lita starts going out with edge and tehy get married and Kane gets really mad and tortures lita and edge and then like 1 or 2 years later edge and lita break up and edge stays in wwe but lita leaves there is the real thing that happened i should know i watch it ohh and lita becomes pregnant to Kane and pretends to Matt it is his and the baby died because snitsky and Kane where having a match and lita came to ringside and went in the way of the match and Kane walked over to her and was talking to her when snitsky came up behind Kane and smacked Kane over the back with a steelchair and Kane lands on top of lita and she gets rushed to hospital. oh and edge wasnt going out with lita at thepregnancy point so get your facts right and you ovissley don't know hardly anything about wwe

What happens if you dont eat and your pregnant?

the baby will get really ill and skinny

Did Mary Tudor really have a baby?

No she did not. Twice she thought she was pregnant but turned out that she was not.

Was Amy in Good Luck Charlie really pregnant with a new baby?

NO, they made her wear a baby wrap

What did snitsky do to Kane and lita?

He hit Kane to the back with a chair and Kane fell on top of Lita who was expecting Kane's baby so she had a miscarriage.

Who did lita marry?

well that's reallly complicated because Matt hardy asked lita to marry him but then him and Kane wrestled for her heart and Kane won but the baby lita was impregnated with was kanes but she wasnt positive whos it was . after 1 and a half year edge and lita started dating so Kane and lita got a divorce and 3 weeks later lita married edge

Is Lola in eastenders really pregnant?

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She is pregnant because her and Booth slept together, and I really don't want to explain how that made a baby...