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Q: Is Lucas Till in Louisiana now?
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Is Lucas Till now with Miley Cyrus?

No Lucas Till is with Taylor Swift. he is so cute

Where does Lucas Till live?

Lucas Till lives in Los Angeles right now but his family lives in Atlanta Georgia.

Who is with Taylor Swift now?

Lucas Till

What is the birth name of Lucas Till?

Lucas Till's birth name is Lucas Daniel Till.

Is Lucas Till related to Emmett Till?

No, Lucas Till and Emmett Till are not related.

What is the real name of Lucas Till?

Lucas Till is his real name. His full name is Lucas Daniel Till.

What is Lucas Till real name?

Lucas Till.

Is Lucas Till dating?

Actually, on Lucas Till's website, he quoted that he is having trouble finding girls. There is a huge rumor that Lucas Till is dating Taylor Swift, but it hasn't been confirmed yet at all. They dated once, but now it is pretty much over unless they get back together.

Who is Taylor Swift's crush as of now?

Taylor Swift has a crush on Lucas Till

Is Taylor laughtner dating Taylor swift?

No she was but now she is dating Lucas till

What is Lucas Till's brothers name?

Lucas Till's brother is named Nick Till.

Does Lucas Till have dimples?

Yes, Lucas Till does have dimples.

What is Lucas Till's real name?

lucas jerry till

What is Lucas Till middle name?

Lucas William Till

What is Lucas Till's full name?

Lucas William Till

Who does Lucas Till like?

Lucas till likes Taylor swift

How is going out with Lucas Till?

Lucas Till is going out with Taylor Swift

Who is Lucas Till dating right now?

He is dating Debbie Ryan stupid people

What is lucas till religion?

Lucas Till has not released to the public his religious orientation.

When was Lucas Till born?

Lucas Till was born on August 10, 1990.

What is Lucas Till's religion?

Lucas Till has not released his religious affiliation to the public.

Does Lucas Till have a Bebo?

No, Lucas Till doesn't have a Bebo. But it is said that he has a Twitter.

What is Lucas Till's birthday?

Lucas Till was born on August 10, 1990.

Does Lucas Till smoke?

No, even though Lucas Till is 18, he doesn't smoke.

Does Lucas Till have a southern accent?

yes... lucas till has an accent but it isn't that heavy..............