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NO Luckordis International is definitely not legitamate. They will send you electronics to forward but you will not be paid as promised. I would suggest you starting up with them and keeping anything they send you. Otherwise you will be sorry. -I made the mistake of thinking that it was going to happen and it didnt keep everything and do not return their e-mails they will send laptops and digital cameras still in the manufacturers packaging. Whatever you do do not forward the merchandise! This is possibly highly illegal. NO they are not. All merchandise arriving at your HOME is "probably" purchased with a STOLEN credit card. Remember, any investigation will trail right to YOUR front door. You unknowingly repackage this STOLEN merchandise, use your time and gas to take this package to the Post Office and mail to some fat cat in Russia. You will be promised good money, but it will never come. So STAY away from Luckordis. If they contact you because they found your resume on one of the job sites, remember this " RUN FOREST RUN!". NO, NO, NO they are not. As soon as I started complaining about not receiving any pay, they actually contacted a shipper and had the package redelivered somewhere else so I could not keep it. Now of course they wont even answer my e mails. The men involved are OLIVER KAHN and BRUCE BUEL, so BEWARE if you receive info asking if you would like to make money from home, do NOT do it. I suspect now, this is probably illegal, and I am ashamed to say I fell for it. So just to try to make myself feel a little better I contacted the FBI! And guess what, the FBI knows all about LUCKORDIS!!!!! This company in Russia is SO crooked, I even contacted CAREER BUILDRES and told them. That is how I obtain the information. Luckorids found my resume on Career Bullders. B E W A R E !! Career Builders IS investigating.

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Q: Is Luckordis International a legitimate mail forwarding company?
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