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Is MLA is a Gazetted officer?

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mla is gazisted offircer

No, it can never be treated as gazetted officer. There are many reasons and facts behind these like MLA are elected irrespective of their education qualification where as gazetted officers are selected for different purposes by keeping their educational qualification in mind, MLA are elected for definite period whereas gazetted officers are promoted year after year according to their work efficiency and so on.

custom officer are the gazetted officer and

yes, government officer is a gazetted officer

yes,range forest officer is a gazetted officer.

yes. an income tax officer is a gazetted officer

Yes, scientific officer of BCSIR are gazetted officer.

is public prosecutor gazetted officer

no guard cant be a gazetted officer.

yes. corporator is a gazetted officer

An RBI officer of the rank General Manager and above is a gazetted officer.

yes any one can be a Gazetted Officer it just takes 5min to make your HOD of your institution a Gazetted Officer.

Incometax Inspector is not a Gazetted Officer.

yes BPS-16 is also gazetted officer.

Advocate is a Gazetted officer ,He/She is the court officer ,whose names were published in Gazette all are Gazetted officers ,as the Advocates names also published in Gazette ,when they were enrolled as an advocate, as such Advocate is a Gazetted officer

As the post of Principal in private college is gazetted in UGC so he is a gazetted officer

No not at all gazetted officer are those who serve under central or state govt. If a CA serve under the above then only he/she is a gazetted officer. Self Practioner CA are not a gazetted officer

a gazetted is a weird word

Post master is not an gazetted officer.There is no gazetted officer in postal department below the rank of Superintendent of post.

No, not at all even the CMD of a bank is not a gazetted officer.

yes govertment college principal is gazetted officer....

yes doctor is a gazetted officer if he is a MBBS and working in a government institution.

Yes Lieutenant in NCC is a Class 1 Gazetted officer

Yes, Asst Dircetor in ESIC is gazetted officer

If post is gazetted then only or he is not

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