Is Macintosh UNIX based

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Yes Mac OS is based on Linux

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2011-05-12 03:54:13
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Q: Is Macintosh UNIX based
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What covers the window?

Macintosh is based upon Unix, so when you compare the 2, you are comparing a type of unix and windows. Unix is generally thought of as safer and less susceptible to attack by viruses.

What is the current version of apple Macintosh?

Apple comes standard with the Snow Leopard (10.6), a 64 bit unix based operating system.

Are there viruses for Mac OS X?

Yes. Macintosh and other UNIX based systems are still at risk of getting viruses and trojans, however they are extremely rare.

Is UNIX based on Linux?

No, but Linux is based on Unix since Linux is a Unix clone.

What are some examples of the operation system?


What country is Macintosh based in?

Macintosh is a brand of computer that are used around the world. Apple makes the Macintosh computers and they are based in California, USA.

Who manufactures the Macintosh operating system?

The operating system used on Macintosh computers is written primarily by the programers at Apple. However they incorporate innovations from outside Apple such as 'Cover Flow' which were popular with Macintosh users. The original operating systems upon which the latest versions of the Apple operating system are based are 'NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP.' and 'BSD,' which is a derivative of 'UNIX.'

How are unix and Linux related?

Linux is a clone based on the environment and look and feel of Unix. In this way, Unix was used as the model and Linux looks like it based on the Unix features and methodology.

What operating systems are supported by CimTrak?

CimTrak is supported on multiple Windows, Linux, Unix, and Macintosh operating systems

Similarities between UNIX and Windows?

UNIX is a command-based OS. In contrast, Windows is a menu-based OS.

Can apple Macintosh get viruses?

"It is possible for an Apple MacIntosh to get a virus, although it is highly unlikely. This is due to the fact that Mac OS X operating system is built on the Unix Kernel industry standard."

What are the types of operating sysems used in desktops computers?

Microsoft Windows Apple Macintosh OSx GNU/Linux Unix

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