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management is a universal process

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Q: Is Management Science or an art or Universal process?
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Is Management art or science - explain?

According to the nature of management, there is a controversy that whether management is a science or an art. This controversy is very old & is yet to be settled. It should be noted that, learning process of science is different from that of art. Learning of science includes principles while learning of art involves its continuous practice.

Management art and scienes or profession?

management art and science or profeesion management art and science or profeesion

Is management art and sciences?

yes management is art and science because management need both art and a science because gaining facts is not science and doing practicle knowledge is not an art so management need both art and a science

Is management an arta science or a proression?

Management as a practice is an art..and as a theory it is a science

Is management art or science elucidate and justify?

management is both science and art. It is an art because it involves communication, leading an organisation, planning etc. All these are element of art. Management is science because it involves scientific logic and principle behind the things done.

Is management an art or science or a professional?

a professional

How management is an art strugling to become science?

I think that management is science in theory,but when you devote yourself into it and love it from the bottom of your heart,management is an art.It's an art about emotion,skills,human nature and life.

Is management as an art or a science?

Management is both science and art. Science because it uses figures, graphs and other statistical methods in order to solve organisational problems. Art because it uses skills, experiences, and attitudes, not hard and fast rules, to solve organisational goals.

Why is management considered both a science and an art?


Why range management is said to be both an art and science?

due to the argument that as student we do both management is a science as well as an art,it entails all the procedures that go hand in hand with the correspondence of science and art i.e skills required for managing are only applicable as science.

Why management called art and science?

Management is considered an art form because it is causes people to get specific things done. It can also be considered a science since there are various theories on which management system is best.

Comment on nature of management is it a science or an art what are the different levels and describe the role of the people at each level of management?

Management is an art. You must have the abilities to manage the work. Management is required in all kinds of organizations. It is all pervasive. Managemeent is both science and art. There are 3 main levels in management.