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No, it's enjoyable if you just play to have fun, not to just level.

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How do you save your character in Maplestory?

In maplestory there is no saving. so your fine. unless you make a mistake then that's bad. It automatically saves for you.

Why do you keep disconnecting when you log on to Maplestory?

Either someone is DChacking u, your connection is bad, it is lagging, or you are banned.

Which is better Seal Online or Maplestory?


Can you make your Maplestory person have two personality a good side and a bad side?

No, MapleStory is very much a linear game. You actions have very little effect on the game as a whole. Fame is the only thing that is close to good/bad, and that's only used for a few quests/equipment.

Can you have two maplestory?

you can't have two maplestory on the same computer. maplestory can only be opened up once.

How do you get avatars on Maplestory?

You can't get avatars on maplestory, but you can use bannedstory (see to create a maplestory avatar.

Are gms in maplestory really staff in maplestory?

Yes they are. They are payed to be GMs and play MapleStory all day.

Is there a Maplestory downloader?

Yes, you can download Maplestory officially from the website. The Maplestory you have to download depends on the region you live in.

Cheats for Maplestory?

Lol sorry there are no cheats for maplestory

How do you save your file in Maplestory?

maplestory auto saves

What can pirates do-Maplestory?

you can brawl and shoot guns

What does server stability issues mean in Maplestory?

Something in maplestory is making it unstable.And they(Maplestory)needed to fix the issue.

What is the strongest job in Maplestory?

The strongest class in MapleStory is the Demon Slayer - I've really went though stuff in MapleStory easily with this class and changed my main character to the Demon Slayer class - though that's what I think - but there may be no best class - each class has their pro's and con's and a good and bad in those ways.

What are the side effects when you play Maplestory in your computer?

Blindness from looking at the screen at such close distance Headaches from the screen Maplestory is not a game that I would recommend for your health, it could destroy most of you brain cells and has bad effects on your nerve system.

Is Runescape more fun or is Maplestory more fun?

If you think 3d games are better play runescape, if u think 2D games are better play maplestory Runescape of course maplestory is a bad 2d Asian game no maplestory is more fun cuz i hate 3d games. ~Seokaren~ Maplestory is the best game you could ever come over RuneScape is more fun for 2 reasons: You can fight other players and because you don't waste your real-life money on in-game items.

Who is alloy in Maplestory?

well, elloy isn't anyone in maplestory.

How do you enter cheat codes on Maplestory?

There is no cheat codes in Maplestory.

What is the age limit for Maplestory?

No there is absolutely no age limit in maplestory.

How do you log in to Maplestory nexon?

WWW.MAPLESTORY.COM Then log in your account in Maplestory.

When did MapleStory DS happen?

MapleStory DS happened in 2010.

What hacks are there in Maplestory?

Many hacks are on MapleStory, such as the Meso Generator, Fame Generator, and the Nexon Generator. Do not hack MapleStory or you will get baned.

I downloaded a Maplestory private server but now i can't play regular Maplestory when i download it why can't i?

because you have a different version of maplestory, if you want to play the original maplestory you have to get the latest version

Which is better RuneScape or Maplestory?

Both games are well-known and popular, and each have good and bad points:Maplestory requires a download and an installation, runescape can be finished loading in less than a minute.Runescape has a greater variety of professions and activities (mining, fishing etc.), but maplestory has skills and more interactive battlesMaplestory has 5 classes which you can specialise in, but you can do anything on runescape.In Maplestory, your username is kept secret and you can have multiple characters per server. In Runescape, you log in with your character name so there is less security.Runescape will run on almost every operating system with java installed, but Maplestory only works on windows (officially)Maplestory has a lot less restriction for free users, but runescape has more content.

How do you delete a Maplestory private server?

You can uninstall maplestory first then redownload it

In Maplestory when is the Christmas event?

In Maplestory, before the Christmas event, there will be a notice.