Is Marilyn Manson Satanist

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No, he's not. I will ask all users of to stop using Christian sites and conspiracy theory forums as sources. He's something that's called Lavey satanist and Lavey ''satanism'' is actually Atheism which follows certain moral codes. It's complicated. If you want to know more about them, watch:

It's an uncensored interview by one Christian. and it will (more or less) give you the right idea what Marilyn Manson beliefs are.

Also,remember that Manson on the stage and Brian (his real name) in private life are not the same. Manson uses his songs and concerts to express his view on today's society and to provoke conservatives and religious people, especially Christians.

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Q: Is Marilyn Manson Satanist
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What is the religion of Marilyn Manson?

He is a Satanist.

Does Marilyn Manson believe in Jesus?

No, he is Satanist.

How is Marilyn Manson an Atheist?

Marilyn Manson isn't a Atheist, he is a Satanist. And he doesn't believe in neither, he believes he is his own God.

Is Marilyn Manson atheist?

Although he is an ordained Satanist(!), he apparently is agnostic.

Is Marilyn Manson anti Christ?

He is an atheist not a satanist as many people think.

What satanist look like?

Satanist looks like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Marilyn Manson and rest of the artist that sing crap.

Is Marilyn Manson a part of the church of Satan group?

Yes he's a self-confessed Satanist and a member of that group.

Why is Marilyn Manson so hot.?

Marilyn Manson is really hot! Because he is Marilyn Manson.

What is the reason why Marilyn Manson is a satanist?

He's not a Satanist; rather he has met up with the original Anton Lavey (apologies for the spelling). Talking to a someone who voted for Bush/Cheney does not make you a Republican does it?

Is Marilyn Manson an atheist?

Yes he is atheist he is not satanist, as he has stated in many rare interviews. He doesn't believe in 'god' but he does not worship Satan.

Is Marilyn Manson a Satanist or Not?

Absolutly not! Marilyn Manson is a very clever money making genius, under the guise of evil in that persona and is totally unlike the person Brian H. Warner, who plays Marilyn Manson.

Is glen benton satanism?

No, he is not a Satanist. He is anti-christian but that is all. King Diamond, Vincent Crowley and Marilyn Manson are real Satanists in Music

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