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no. Martin Luther was the first voice in the Protestant Reformation, Dr. King was a civil rights leader. Difference of about 500 years.

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Q: Is Martin Luther the same person as Martin Luther King jr?
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Is Martin Luther King the same person as Martin Luther King jr?

Martin Luther King is not the same person as Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. was Martin Luther King's son.

How is Martin Luther related to Martin Luther King?

Martin Luther King, Jr., was named after Martin Luther the reformer by way of his father. Martin Luther King, Jr. was not related to Martin Luther.

Is Martin Luther King jr the same person as Martin Luther King?

No, they aren't... Martin Luther King (A.K.A Martin Luther King Sr.) is Martin Luther King Jr.'s father. they have the an alike name so they seem like they are the same. :)

Is Martin Luther King the same person as Nelson Mandela?

No Martin Luther King junior is NOT the same person as Nelson Mandela. They are to completely different people. Have you heard of Martin Luther King's beginning of his speech? Martin Luther King- "Five score years ago..." Nelson Mandela- "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate."

What is the same about Ralph Bunche and Martin Luther King?

How are Martin Luther King Jr. and Ralph Bunche alike or the same?

Was Martin Luther King Jr jnr the same as Martin Luther King Jr?

When people talk about Martin Luther King, they nearly always mean Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Sr. (nicknamed "Daddy King") was his father. Martin Luther King III was one of King Jr.'s sons.

How do you say Martin Luther King Day in Spanish?

MARTIN LUTHER KING it's the same sorry no learning a new phrase today

Why is the suffix Jr attached to Martin Luther King?

His dad was also named Martin Luther King. Jr. shows that the person is the second member of a family to bear the exact same name.

What was Martin Luther King heroic for?

martin luther king is this heroic because he was the one who gave the blacks and the whites the same rights

Is Martin Luther King Jr the same as Martin Luther King Jr?

Yes. MLK, Jr. is simply a shortened, abbreviated version of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s full name.

Martin Luther King's 'I Have a Dream' speech he spoke of freedom what are they?

martin Luther king spoke of fredom and rights to do the same as the wight people

What is some of Martin Luther King jr major accomplishments?

Martin Luther King Jr, help the colored and Caucasian get the same rights

Why did Martin Luther King say that he had a dream?

Martin Luther king Jr had a dream for everyone to have the same rights and everyone to be treated fairly.

What school did Martin Luther King Jr parents go to?

They actually went to the same school as the parents of Martin Luther King jr.

Why did Martin Luther King think everybody was the same?

Martin Luther King Jr did not think everyone was the same. He thought that everyone should be judged by the same standard. There is an important difference.

How were Malcolm X an martin Luther king the same?

they were black

What is the same about Martin Luther King Jr and Mohandas Gandhi?

Both Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. are the same because they both wanted nonviolence. that is all I know :) !

Did people share Martin Luther King ideas?

yes they did, basically if you look at the history of martin Luther king and compare it to what is happening today it is the same.

What beliefs did Martin Luther King Jr have?

Martin Luther king believed in god and his freedom he wanted everyone to know were not different we are all the same.

What was Martin Luther King struggling against?

martin Luther king was fighting racism, because he wanted everybody to be treated the same. The blacks and the Whites.

What was Martin Luther's King political beliefs?

Martin Luther King Junior's political belief was that everyone should be treated the same political wise.

What was martin luthurs kings name at birth?

The same as at his death... Martin Luther King !

How is Barack Obama Martin Luther King juniour drean come true?

Martin Luther King Jr. and Obama did not share the same dream. Mr. King was a Republican.

What were some of Martin Luther King Jr's achievements?

Martin Luther King, Jr achieved his dream, which was to give African Americans the same rights as caucasians.

Were Ruby Bridges and Martin Luther king alive at the same time?