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Is Medicaid an accepted insurance at Lenscrafters?

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NO they don't, I just come from there!

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Does lenscrafters take Medicaid payment?

no they do not

What insurance plans are accepted by Sloan Kettering?

is fedelis medicaid accepted by sloan kettering

Can you be on Medicaid and have secondary insurance?

Yes, you can. The other insurance would be primary though and the Medicaid secondary.

Are Medicare and Medicaid private insurance groups?

Both Medicare and Medicaid are government insurance programs.

Is Medicaid accepted in walk-in medical clinics?

Each Medicaid provider has the option of accepting or rejecting Medicaid.

What if you had insurance when you found out you were pregnant then lost your insurance can you qualify for medicaid?

You can get Medicaid when pregnant if you meet the eligibility requirements - principally, citizenship and limited income/assets. Medicaid can be backdated up to three months prior to the month of your application.You can get Medicaid even if you have insurance; however, your provider(s) must bill your insurance first, prior to billing Medicaid.

Can you Medicaid and another insurance?

Absolutely. But tell your Medicaid caseworker so that providers will bill the other insurance first.

Does sylvan learning centers take insurance or medicaid?

dose sylvan learning center take insurance or medicaid

Can you still get medicaid for your child if his father has him covered on court ordered private insurance?

Yes - private insurance is not a bar to Medicaid eligibility - but tell your Medicaid caseworker so that the private insurance is billed first.

Can you bill a Medicaid patient if the service is disallowed by Medicaid?

In some states, you cannot bill the patient if you accepted her/him as a Medicaid patient.

How does Medicaid pay when there is other Insurance involved?

The provider must give Medicaid proof that the other insurance carrier (including Medicaid) has "adjudicated" the bill. Medicaid will then pay any remaining eligible charges, to the extent that it would have paid had the patient not had any other insurance.

Is Medicare accepted in certain hospitals in the Philippines?

Is medicaid,medicare accepted in the philippines

Does Medicaid cover gynecomastia surgery?

Medicaid is State Insurance and Medicare is federal. Therefore, it depends on what state you have Medicaid in; however, I doubt that they would. Very few insurance companies do.

Where can one purchase Medicaid Health Insurance?

Medicaid Heath Insurance is not available in the United Kingdom, however it can be purchased online through Freedom Health Insurance. The Medicaid website has a list of locations and sites where it can also be purchased from.

Hospital insurance for the elderly?


Do any periodontists in Tampa FL accept medicaid?

There are periodontists in Tampa that accept medicaid. You will need to contact medicaid to get a list of accepted providers.

If your family is on Medicaid can you refuse insurance through your job?

No - Medicaid (and the taxpayers) expect you to apply for any and all alternative means of coverage. Having other insurance won't make you ineligible for Medicaid, but you need to tell your caseworker so that providers will know to bill the other insurance first, then Medicaid.

Is medicaid always a primary insurance or would it be a secondary insurance?


Do you need to cancel your private health insurance if you have Medicaid?

No. But tell your Medicaid agency about this because providers should bill your private insurance first.

What health insurance company do you recommend?


Can developmentally disabled adults on medicare and medicaid get life insurance without losing benefits?

Life insurance is not a bar to eligibility for either Medicare or Medicaid.

How to get medicade insurance?

You will need to apply for Medicaid insurance at your local DHS office.

Can you get Medicaid if you have insurance and get pregnant?

You can get Medicaid if you are pregnant, even if you have insurance, if you meet the other factors of eligibility including citizenship/alien status and limited financial resources.

Is gastric bypass surgery covered by insurance?


What does it cost to have a baby after its born?

Depends on your health insurance!! If you not have health insurance, you will need to have medicaid.