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Q: Is Megan Fox hotter than Rosie Huntington-Whiteley?
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Is mikayla in transformers 3?

No she is not in the movie the rosie huntingly girl is in it played as "Carly".....don't worry shes as hot or even hotter than Megan fox

Is Victoria Justice hotter than Megan Fox?

Victoria justice is a lot hotter than Megan fox victoria is more teeny and cute and she got a 10/10 smile and Megan fox is just yuk!

Who is hotter Megan Fox or Beyonce?

A matter of personal opinion. no way! megan fox is way fitter! my friend thinks she isnt! he thinks megan fox is not fit! he thinks beyonce is hotter than megan fox!megan fox is definetly fitter!

Is there anyone hotter than Megan Fox?

Yes, and her name is Barbara Mori. She looks a lot like Megan Fox but a more sexier version of her. In Megan Fox you can see her plastic Surgery while Barbara Mori still has her natural beauty and more beautiful body than Megan Fox. Barbara Mori is much HOTTER than Megan fox.

Is Selena gomez hotter than Megan Fox?

Selena Gomez

How is hottest Ariana Grande or meagn fox?

Ariana is much hotter than Megan

Is Megan Fox hotter than agelina jolie?

While these two women are sexy I have to say Megan Fox is was hawter than Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie was the hawtest chick until Megan showed up in the Transformers series and Jennifer's Body. Now Megan Fox is officially the sexiest woman but Angelina is the 2 sexiest woman. But I do have to say Angelina's thumbs are the sexiest when it comes to Angelina Jolie and hers :)

What is a clue to a stars temperature?

Its colour. White stars are hotter than blue stars which are hotter than yellow which are hotter than orange, which are hotter than red.

Is Libya hotter than Mexico?

a lot hotter

Is the crust hotter than the mantle?

No. The deeper you go in Earth the hotter it gets. The mantle is hotter than the crust.

Is fire hotter than lava?

lava is hotter than fire

Why is Italy hotter than Kenya?

Italy is not hotter than Kenya.

Is Water Hotter Than Venus?

No! The Hottest Water On Earth is 407 celsius and Venus Is Hotter Than That! You Can't Get Water Hotter Than Venus!

Is venus hotter or colder than mercury?

venus is hotter than mercury

Is Ghana hotter than Kenya?

Kenya is generally hotter than Ghana.

Is a light bulb hotter than the sun?

No. The Sun is much hotter than a light bulb is.

When was Hotter than July created?

Hotter than July was created in 1979.

Is Spain hotter than Cyprus?

Cyprus is definitely hotter than Spain!

Why is orange hotter than yellow?

Because orange is hotter than yellow

Is Megan better than geordan?

If that is Megan Smith, and Geordan Ehly..... Than Yes!

Is the sun is hotter than magma?

Yes the sun is hotter than than magma even on its surface.

Is Vega hotter than the sun?

Yes, the star Vega is hotter than the sun. At 17,000 degrees Fahrenheit, it burns about 7,000 degrees hotter than the sun.

Which star is hotter than the sun?

A lot of stars are hotter than the Sun. Any stars of spectral class O, B, A, or F are hotter than the Sun.

Is the lithosphere hotter than the asthenosphere?

No. The asthenosphere is hotter. The deeper you go, the hotter it gets.

What made Huck hotter than ever?

What made Huck hotter than ever?