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Q: Is Meta Knight stronger than Kirby?
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Who is Stronger- Meta Knight or Kirby?

Meta Knight is a lot stronger than Kirby. Kirby doesn't have wings, a sword, a dimensional cape, or the ability to teleport or make tornados.Also, Meta Knight is faster than Kirby and could dodge Kirby's attacks and get away with attacks without retaliation.Meta Knight also has a mask, protecting his whole body.

Is Kirby related to meta knight?

No. They are not. In the TV Series, Meta Knight is the only survivor of the original Star fled to and landed in town. he became king dedede's servant. Afterwards Kirby lands (crashes) in cappy town, 200 years earlier than schuelded. He is also a star warrior, but they arnt related. They are the same Spiecies.

Is meta knight cute?

Meta Knight looks exactly like Kirby except he has eyebrows and white eyes. He's adorable. He is slightly larger than Kirby and has large bat-like wings that are made from his cape. I would really determmine him as Cute cute. Oh! That's not how it is at all! I don't have any special feelings for him or anything!.....Well...mabye...

Are there other Kirby characters in super smash bros brawl other than king dedede Kirby and meta knight?

There are, but they are unplayable. One appears as a assist trophy, Knuckle Joe and there are others such as rick the hamster and ribbons that appear as trophies.

Who is awesomer Eric cartman or Meta Knight?

If they were to both engage in battle, Meta Knight would win in less than 5 seconds. But as far as comedy wise... Cartman would be better. overall... Meta knight

Who is the strongest Super Smash Bros character ever?

Ike, Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Snake Meta knight is weaker than a newborn baby!

Is Meta Cooler stronger than Cooler?

Yes, Meta Cooler is much stronger than Cooler. Cooler in his 5th form was defeated by SSJ Goku; however, Meta Cooler was defeated only by SSJ Goku and SSJ Vegeta at full power.

Who is stronger Sword Knight or Blade Knight?

Actually, neither of them are stronger than each other but personally i like Sword Knight better cuz hes cool.

What Kirby is made of?

Kirby is usually referred to as "The Pink Puffball", which may be a hint. In the anime this subject was brought up in episode "The Big Taste Test", and Kirby was once believed to be made of Zenbon, but was later proved false. Other than this, what Kirby is made of has never been mentioned in the games or anime. On the other hand, INSIDE Kirby is believed to be a colossal area of hammerspace, which takes a striking resemblance to deep space, this is seen multiple times in the anime.

What is a friendly white knight?

Sir Ajax- stronger than dirt!

Is meta cooler stronger than frieza?

Yes, but frieza will win only if he destroy the Geti Star

What is Meta Knight's personality?

Although he may appear to be docile, Meta Knight is wildly feared of other people for some strange reason. Usually hiding around in the shadows alone, he actually enjoys friends more than time to himself. He often prefers not being

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