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Is Mexico part of the US?

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NO. Mexico and the US are two entirely different countries.

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Is Baja a part of the US or Mexico?

It is part of Mexico.

Was Mexico part of US?

No, as a matter of fact, part of US, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California (Alta California) were part of Mexico.

When did Mexico became part of US?

it never became part of the us

Is Puerto Rico Mexico part of the US?

Puerto Rico is not in Mexico. It is a US Territory in the Caribbean where it is a part of the Greater Antilles.

Where was Texas part of before the US?

It was part of Mexico

What was the US part in the war?


Is Mexico part of the north of south or the US?

NEW Mexico is part of the southern United States.

Is Mexico a part of the us?

No. Mexico is a sovereign nation with its own government.

Is Mexico considered part of US territories?

No. Mexico is a separate country.

Is Mexico in US or not?

Mexico borders the United States, but it is not a part of it. Three countries encompass North America: Mexico, the US, Canada.

What part of Mexico is close to the border?

To the US-Mexico border? Northern Mexico is close to the border.

Who sell part of Mexico to the us?


Is Cancun part of the US?

No. Cancun is in Mexico.

In what part of the US is Phoenix Arizona?

Phoenix, Arizona is in the south western part of the US. It borders Mexico, New Mexico, California, and Nevada, and Utah

What state became part of the US as a result of a war with Mexico?

New mexico

Is the part of the gulf of Mexico underneath Texas part of the US?


Why did Mexico go to war against the US in 1846?

Because California, New Mexico, & Texas wanted to separate from Mexico, and become part of the US

What is the location of the gulf of mexico?

In the southern part if the US

The country that borders a part of southern US?

Mexico does

Who sold part of Mexico to US?

Santa Anna.

What US state was formarly part of Mexico?


Which part in the us is New Mexico in?

Its in the south west

Is Mexico in the northwest?

No. It is considered as part of the US Southwest.

Was Texas part of Mexico before?

No, Texas was not part of Mexico before. Texas was actually its own country until it was voted to becme part of the US.

What natural border helps separate the US and Mexico?

The Rio Grande river is a part of the border between the US and Mexico.