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Elvis's daughter married Michael Jackson, so Elvis was his father in law for a short time.

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Who is the greatest michael jackson or elvis presley?

Elvis Presley would be my choice over Michael Jackson

Who is older Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley?

Elvis Presley is older he was born in 1935 and Michael Jackson was born in 1958.

Was Elvis Presley Michael Jackson friend?

No, Michael and Elvis were not friends.

Who is richer Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley?

Michael Jackson, believe me was worth a lot

What Elvis Presley songs does Michael Jackson own?

Deceased singer Michael Jackson owned some songs of another deceased singer, Elvis Presley. This includes the Presley hit "Burning Love."

Who discovered bondi beach?

Elvis Presley & Michael Jackson

Is Elvis Presley similar to Michael Jackson?

Elvis is the king of rock and Jackson was the king of pop. They are both dead.

Is Angaleena Presley related to Elvis Presley?

No, she was not related to Elvis Presley.

Did Michael Jackson ever go to Elvis Presley's house?

no Michael Jackson never even knew that Elvis Presley had a home in Los Angeles.

Who is the best celeberty ever?

Michael Jackson and Elvis Aaron Presley

Was Elvis Presley married to Lisa Marie Presley?

No, Elvis Presley was married to Priscilla, Lisa Marie is their daughter, who was married to Michael Jackson for a brief time.

Who is 1 in record sale Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley?

Michael Jackson definitely with his no.1 hit thriller!!!!

Was Michael Jackson as famous as Elvis Presley was?

A matter of opinion. I know Michael Jackson was great, the best, my opinion

What Elvis songs were covered by Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson has never covered an Elvis Presley song but they do share one with the same name of 'heartbreak hotel'

Who is the biggest selling artist of all time?

Michael Jackson .......Elvis Presley and the Beatles have sold more than Michael Jackson. Michael is 3rd .. Elvis has sold over a billion and Michael Jackson 750 million.

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