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There is a rumor that Michelle Obama is a member of the Order of the Eastern Star. However, this has not been officially confirmed and may not be true.

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Q: Is Michelle Obama a member of the order of eastern star?
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Is Michelle Obama a member of the Order of the Eastern Star?

It is not certain that she is a member. There are unverified internet rumors about it, but no concrete evidence that she belongs to this organization. (The same unverified rumors have also followed Hillary Clinton over the years.) It should be noted that the Order of the Eastern Star is a service organization, the female branch of the Masons. This makes it controversial to some people, but respected by others. Mrs. Obama certainly has the qualifications for membership in this or any other volunteer service organization, and may have been a guest speaker or an honoree at a chapter meeting of the Eastern Star.

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Yes she is

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What is a worthymatron responsibilitiesofthe order of the eastern?

I am sorry but as a member of OES I am unable to give you this answer and so is any member of the order. The work of the members and officers are secret and can not be given to others who are not members of the order. If you are a member you need to get your book out concerning the officers and work of the order and read it. The information you seek is contained in that book.

Can member of the Order of Eastern Star wear white pantsuits?

Yes, but only before Labor Day.

How long does it take to become a member of the Order of the Eastern Star?

In order to become a member of the order of eastern stars you must first do an application. then after the application is complete you will then meet with a worthy marton and she will ask why would you like to join the order of the eastern stars if she is satisfied with your answer you will go through and obligation ceremony and then an initiation ceremony and your application will be sent to the supreme heeadquarters so that your name can be added to the list of the chapter you joined as soon as she learns all the rituals and points

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Can women become a member of freemason?

Men are Freemasons only, but there are bodies of Freemasonry that women join, such as the Order of Eastern Stars (OES).

Why did the court order Michelle Obama to hand over her law license?

They didn't. Her law license has never been "handed over." The record shows that Michelle Obama voluntarily took her law license to "inactive" status. This is not the loss of license, but a suspension with the option (though not the requirement) to reactivate the license later. In Illinois, voluntary inactivations require an order of the court to commence the cancellation of malpractice insurance, annual licensing fees and the continuing education credits otherwise required by law.

Who are the top 5 opponents to president Obama for the 2012 election?

as of this writing, in alphabetical order [all Republicans]: Michelle Bachmann; Herman Cain; Newt Gingrich; Ron Paul; Rick Perry; Mitt Romney

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In order to receive a degree from Princeton (where she graduated), she had to study a foreign language. But there are no reports about her speaking a foreign language fluently. She studied French in school - I do not know how well speaks the langage.

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In order to answer this question accurately, we have to know which office you are talking about. If you mean the office of the President of the United States, the current office holder, Barack Obama, is a member of the Democratic Party.

How is Beyonce a freemason?

No, women are not admitted to Freemasonry. There are other related groups that admit women, most notably the Order of the Eastern Star, but I cannot speak to Beyonce being a member.

Is Britney Spears a Freemason?

No. To be a Freemason she would have to be male. There are women's equivalent organizations is the Masonic Lodge. If she had a male family member who was a Mason she could have been in Job's Daughters, Rainbow Girls, or as an adult a member of the Order of Eastern Star. I have read nothing about her being a part of these organizations. As a member of OES I think something would have been mentioned if she was a member.

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