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It is an application.

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2009-01-15 01:00:47
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Q: Is Microsoft publisher a system or application?
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Is Microsoft publisher an operating system or an application software?

MS Publisher is an application software. It is a part of Office suite. It is used to design things for publishing.

What type of software is Microsoft publisher?

It is an application and it is desktop publishing software.

How can you install Microsoft publisher 98 on your computer which has vista?

Can I buy a Microsoft Publisher disc to intall on Vista system?

What can be done with the MS publisher application?

Microsoft Publisher is similar to Microsoft Word in that it is a text editing tool. Publisher focusses more on layout and design as it is geared to creating marketing materials. Microsoft Publisher is sold as an entry level tool to Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress.

Is Microsoft Excel an operating system?

No. It is an application.

Is Microsoft PowerPoint an operating system?

No. It is an application.

How would you open Microsoft office publisher?

First you would have to have Microsoft Publisher in order to view or edit .pub files. The program Microsoft Publisher can be opened by going to Start->All Programs->Microsoft Office->Microsoft Publisher.

Examples of application software?

Application software is any tool that functions and is operated by means of a computer, with the purpose of supporting or improving the What_are_examples_of_application_softwareuser's work.Examples of application software are gyfguyhotmaillMs What_are_examples_of_application_software2003 and 2007mozilla firefox ( Browser )Encartams wordadobe acrobatnotepadwordpadand several others.

Is Microsoft publisher 98 compatible with windows 7?

No, but if you run in compatiblity mode you may be able to run the application.

Is excel an information system?

No, it is a Microsoft Office application.

How do you convert Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 to Microsoft office publisher 2003?

You can not simply downgrade Microsoft Publisher. In order to install Publisher 2003, you must have the installation media for Publisher 2003. Just save it as a Publisher 2003 file instead of 2007

Is Microsoft exel similar to publisher?

No. Excel is a spreadsheet, which is an application for numerical analysis and manipulation. Publisher is a desktop publishing package, used for creating formal documents such as magazines or leaflets.

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