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Is Miley Cyrus doing a third album?



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Acctually, she has four albums! She has an original Hannah Montana one, Meet Miley Cyrus/ Hannah Montana 2 album, the concert album, and the dance party album.

She Has A new Album Out Caled Brake Out Wich Inclueds

See You Again

Brake Out

Girls Night

Start All over

Fly On The Wall Wich Starts Of like This

U Dont Understand What Is That Made me Tick but u wish u did you always Secand quess wonder if I'll say yes but you just lose Out Everytime if U only new What I Talk about When Im With My Friends Just Hanging out Then you'd have the inside Scoop On What to see What to do that way when you play the game baby you could never lose don't you wish that you could be a Fly On The Wall A creepy little sneeky little Fly On The Wall All my precious secrets Yeah You know Um All Don't U wish that your a Fly on The Wall .