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Is Miley Cyrus still Hannah Montana?

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Destiny Hope Cyrus, who goes by her stage name, Miley Ray Cyrus, (b. 23 November 1992) is an American actress and recording artist.

Hannah Montana was a Disney Channel series that ran from March 24, 2006 until January 16, 2011. When the 98th episode ended, Miley Cyrus left her role as Miley Stewart (aka Hannah Montana) and never looked back. So NO, Miley is no longer Hannah.

2016-09-21 00:45:42
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Q: Is Miley Cyrus still Hannah Montana?
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Is Hannah Montana also Miley Cyrus?

Yes. Miley Cyrus plays as Hannah Montana, Hannah Montana is still a real popstar though, its just Miley Cyrus in a wig.

Is Miley Cyrus going to be Hannah Montana again?

Miley Cyrus is still Hannah Montana. There is going to be a Hannah Montana movie coming into theaters soon.

Why did Miley Cyrus stop making Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is still going on Hannah Montana forever

Does Miley Cyrus miss being Hannah Montana?

no she is still Hannah Montana she still haves concerts.

Is Miley Cyrus really not being Hannah Montana anymore?

No she is still playing Hannah Montana.

When are the next auditions for Hannah Montana?

Never, Miley Cyrus quit on doing the Hannah Montana shows because Hannah/miley was getting meaner. But Miley Cyrus is still going to sing the songs.

Is Miley Cyrus still playing as Hannah Montana?


Is Miley Cyrus still doing Hannah Montana?

yes she is

Does miley cyrus still do hannah montana?

Miley Cyrus does not still act on the Hannah Montana show. The show ended after 4 seasons with the last show airing on January 16, 2011.

Did Miley Cyrus quit Hannah Montana yet?

Miley Cyrus has quit Hannah Montanna, but re-runs will still appear on Disney Channel.

Is Miley Cyrus still on Hannah Montana?

No. Hannah Montana ended its four season run in January 2011. Miley Cyrus is now pursuing a solo career as a singer and actress.

Does Miley Cyrus still play Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is finished now. For Miley's last season she did Hannah Montana Forever. Which is still showing on Disney Channel

Who is Hannah monatana dad?

Destiney Hope Cyrus aka: Miley Cyrus: Her dad in real life is Billy ray Cyrus. In the show"Hannah Montana" he plays Robby Ray Stewart which is the role of the dad still. In the show Miley Cyrus still plays a double life but her names are Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana. SO that is all of the info of Hannah Montana and dad!

Is Hannah montanah really Miley Cyrus in a wig?

Hannah Montana is still trying to keep her secret.

Is Miley Cyrus going to be ''hannah montana'' ever again?

she still is!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has Hannah Montana died in her real life?

No, Hannah Montanna is really Miley Cyrus so no she is still alive!

Why is miley leaving the show Hannah Montana?

She is leaving because she is moving back home to Tennesee. She will not be Hannah Montana but she will still sing. She wants to stay Miley Cyrus and sing.

Is Billy Ray Cyrus still alive?

He is alive he is Miley Cyrus' dad he can be seen on the Hannah Montana movie .

Dose Miley Cyrus pick Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus?

Miley wanted to pick miley but they didn't tell when she told them. So she still has the best of both worlds!

Is hannah montana still famous?

Not really. :( I think it's just miley cyrus now. :)

Is miley going to be doing shows?

Miely Cyrus is going be in her old show Hannah Montana still

How old was Miley Cyrus when her mum died?

Miley Cyrus's mum is still alive, her names Tish Cyrus. Miley Stewart in Hannah Montana (A fictional character), her mum is dead.

Is Miley Cyrus still doing concerts after she quits Hannah Montana?

yeah just cause she left Hannah Montana doesent mean she quit besides i heard she had a new single after she quit Hannah Montana

The Hannah Montana new show Miley Cyrus says goodbye?

What?!? Is it over, yes the miley says goodby was the last episode. Hannah Montana will still play on Disney Channel, but no new shows are coming out.

Is Miley Cyrus leaving the seris of Hannah Montana?

Yes, This Sunday night is her last show. But she is still singing.