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No mindless behavior is not going to new medico


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Is mindless behavior coming to new jersey

Mindless behavior will come to my house !!

They should come to new Mexico

mindless behavior is coming to detroit october 30, 2011 with diggy simmons new boyz, jacob latimore, hamilton park, omg girlz

They Aren't Coming To Lafayette. You Have To Go To New Orleans.

No there still at London and going to Florida

Look on there website at mindlessbehavior .com

i no they are coming to nyc this month but i don't think NJ (nyc dates are march 18,19,20

mindless behavior is writing a new song right now but has no new vids out YET

There on there way to your house right now so wait for them ok

Is mindless behavior still in NY city

mindless behavior ft soulja boy lose it

yes he is still in mindless behavior but they got a new menber

I don't think so.... they are not very big anymore, as you probably know.

go to their twitter @mindlessbhavior and they will tell you where they go or what their doing lol

Well what i know is that they have already been to New York but maybe a lot of upcoming concerts.

Yes it is. And it's coming out later on. But right now it's like a secret.

The next mindless behavior concert is in new orleans at the arena on august 10, 2012

Mindless behavior favorite football team is New York Giants

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