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Not really. there are many male models as well.

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What was Cameron's first job?


What was Cameron Diaz's first job?


What was Pele's job after football?

He Pele was am ambassador for the U.N.I.C.E.F, and did modelling for Omega watches.

What is Alexa Chung's day job?

She is a TV presenter for T4. She also used to do modelling.

When did Katie price start her modeling job?

Katie started modelling for page 3 in 2003.

How tall do you need to be for a job in fashion modelling?

The ideal height requirement for fashion modeling is 5'9"-6'0."

Was Britney Spears a fashion designer?

not as her main job but on the side she did a modelling and limited edition collection for 'Candies'

The principles of modelling in operations research?

principles of modelling in Operations Research principles of modelling in Operations Research principles of modelling in Operations Research

Where can one apply for a modelling job?

One can apply for modelling jobs by doing research on different model agencies in the area and reading what they look for in models. Then one can prepare a resume with photos and submit an email submission to them.

What job can a 13 year old get?

None that I know of, but you could try doing jobs for family members. modelling

Define organizational process modelling?

orgnisational process modelling

How do you come a professional model?

Modelling schools and modelling agencies are good places to start modelling and a portfolio of professional photos is a necessity.

Difference between object and dynamic modelling?

Object modelling is static type type of modelling,it is done with class diagram whereas dynamic modelling is associated with control in processing and it uses state diagram

Where can a 10 year old girl get a job?

You can try modelling for kid's apparel.well look at my facebook see if i can do it micah matthews (10)

What is 3D computer modelling?

3D computer modelling is the art and science of creating objects in a 3-dimensional space using readilly availiable software. Applications would include parts (such as machine components) modelling, biological (modelling living organisims) and gaming/movie modelling.

When was Computer Modelling Group created?

Computer Modelling Group was created in 1978.

Who did Katie price start modelling with?

Katie started modelling with The Sun, Page 3.

Advantages of computer modelling?

The advantages of computer modelling isfastereasyquickmore tidy

Differences or similarities between OMT and UML?

OMT is a modelling technique and UML is a Modelling language. OMT stands for object modelling technique and is given by Jim Rambaugh . UML is unified Modelling language and has a layered architecture.

What is the female version of the name Job?


Is modelling clay a liquid or a solid?

Modelling clay is solid is because it's particles are packed together

What is the duration of Supermodel Swiss modelling show?

The duration of Supermodel - Swiss modelling show - is -5400.0 seconds.

What is a pistil's job for a plant?

the pistil is the female part of the flower. its job is to collect pollen

What jobs can be done by women?

In the US, women can do any job that men can do...if they want to! As long as a female is qualified to do the and experience-wise...she is eligible to seek the job. some fields are not female-friendly.

What is the role of the female anopheles mosquito?

well the traditional job of the female mosquito is to collect the blood