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molly pitcher hayes is a patriot

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Q: Is Molly pitcher Hayes a loyalist?
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What was Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley's Nickname?

Mary Ludwig Hayes McCauley's nickname was Molly Pitcher

Did Molly Pitcher go to school?

Molly Ludwig Hayes otherwise known as Molly Pitcher never had any formal schooling. She was born in 1754 and died in 1832.

Did Molly Pitcher fire any cannons?

Molly Pitcher was actually Mary Hayes, and yes, she fired her husband's cannon when he fell in the Battle of Monmouth.

What did Mary Molly Pitcher Hays do during the American revolution?

molly pitcher Hayes brought buckets of water tt the solders to use the cannon.

Did Molly Pitcher exist?

Molly Pitcher was a real woman who fought in the Revolutionary War. Her name was Mary Hayes, and it is believed that she brought water to soldiers during the fighting.

Mary Ludwig Hayes?

She is "Molly Pitcher", a women who carried water during the American Revolutionary War.

What did Mary molly pitcher Hayes do in the revolutionary war?

she gave blow jobs to tim and tom, and logan vaught.

Who was the woman that made a significant contribution to the American revolution?

That would Be Molly Pitcher. Also known as Mary Hayes

Was Molly Pitcher a loyalist or patriot?

Molly Pitcher was a patriot. Her husband was a soldier in the Revolutionary war, and, sometimes even during battles, would carry a pitcher of water to give the parched men a drink. They would say Molly.....Pitcher when they needed a drink (molly pitcher wasn't her real name, it was a nickname). During a major battle, when her husband was shot at the cannon and badly injured, she took the helm and fought in the battle herself, despite the fact that she was a woman. Some regarded her as a war hero.

What is Molly Pitchers real name?

Molly Pitcher real name is Mary Sarah Ludwig Hays McCauley

What was molly pitchers nickname?

Mary Ludwig Hayes also said to be known as Molly Pitcher fought in the Battle of Monmouth during the American Revolution. At the time, the nickname Molly was very common for woman named Mary. Mary Hayes, attended to soldiers during the revolution by giving them water. After her husband fell to injury, it has been said that she continued to fight in his place by swabbing and loading his cannon. The nickname Molly Pitcher derived from her service and good deeds during the time period.

What nicknames does Molly Hayes go by?

Molly Hayes goes by Princess Powerful, and Bruiser.