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Is Mona Lisa real or Leonardo da Vinci?

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She was Lisa Gherardini, the wife of a Florentine merchant. He commissioned the portrait.

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Was da vinci mona lias husband?

No, The Mona Lisa was a real person just Leonardo and her were not in a relationship

What was the real image of Mona Lisa before Leonardo da Vinci painted her?

She was a Florentine lady. Leonardo painted her portrait.

What was peculiar about the mona Lisa's eyes?

The very famous artist Leonardo Vinci painted the greatest artist , has painted the Mona Lisa. The real thing that stands out in that painting is that Mona Lisa does not have eyebrows at all.

Is mona Lisa a real person?

yes, i think Mona Lisa is real because her maiden name wasLisa Gherardiniand her married name wasLisa Del Giocondo i say she was very unknown until Leonardo da vinci started to paint her

Mystery identity of monalisa painting?

mona Lisa mysteryWell mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da vinci they said that mona Lisa was not really a painting becasuse they did not found any marks of paintbrush and until now no one knows if it is real or what.based from the scientist mona Lisa painting was just printed but it is not true it is a real and perfect painting of Leonardo da vinci.again this is from:rangelica anne Marie S. Villcac

Is the Mona Lisa a real woman?

mona lisa is a picture that leonardo da vinci drew she was not a real person in life leanardo just made her up.

Why is the Mona Lisa smiling?

The Mona Lisa was a friend to Da Vinci and the real name of the girl was Lisa Gherardini .

When was mona Lisa alive?

She was alive in 1503 when Da Vinci drew the portriat of her, but her real name wasn't Mona Lisa. Her name was Lisa del Giocondo, Mona Lisa is just the name of the painting.

What was 'Mona Lisa's' real name?

Lisa di Antonio Maria Gherardini 'The Mona Lisa' is a painting by Leonardo da Vinci. No one is certain who sat for the portrait, it may be a combination of people, not an actual person. Additional answer: The fact is that Leonardo painted a portrait of Monna Lisa Gherardini in Florence. What is sometimes being discussed whether this is that very portrait.

How does the Mona Lisa fit into renaissance?

The Mona Lisa was an unknown lady some people think it was Leonardo da Vinci as a girl. But it fit into the renaissance because it was in a strict 3D view of her. You saw a women not a women all over the place. It was a "realistic painting." A relistic painting is something that is of real character. The woman was because she was drawn real.

What is the real name of the Mona Lisa painting?

The real name of the Mona Lisa painting is La Giaconda.

Was mona Lisa real?

Yes, the Mona Lisa was a real person. her maiden name was Lisa Gherardini and her married name was Lisa del Giocondo.

What do you do with questions that contain false info on WikiAnswers?

You should edit the question to contain correct information. This applies to questions such as e.g. "Why did Picasso paint Mona Lisa?", in which you would replace Picasso with the real artist, Leonardo Da Vinci.

How many times was the Mona Lisa touched up?

Not as often as the real Mona Lisa.

Was the Mona Lisa ever in America?

Mona Lisa was an imaginary picture . It was not a part of our real life

Why is the Mona Lisa a priceless painting?

because there is only one of the real Mona Lisa in the world

Is there a museum for Leonardo da Vinci in Italy?

there is a wall of its own in France,Muse'e Du Louvre Paris, Of the mon Lisa =) The real thing. But I don't think there is anything about Leonardo Da Vinci himself. I could Be compleatly Wrong But..... IDK :(

What is Leonardo da Vinci real name?

His real name is Leonardo di Ser Piero

Did Leonardo invent the 'Mona Lisa'?

No, it is widely believed that the woman in the painting was the wife of a banker or merchant in Florence, Italy. Her real name is thought to have been Lisa Gherardini. Mona means Mrs. in Italian, thus the name of the painting.

Why was the 'Mona Lisa' picture so unusual?

The way Leonardo made her real was far better than anyone had done before.

What is the life story of the real Mona Lisa?

No one really knows for sure. She was the wife of a wealthy Florentine banker who commissioned Leonardo to paint her portrait.

Was Mona Lisa a real Pearson?

There is a debate among art experts about the painting. Some believe that it is a self portrait of Da Vinci . While others think it was a real person. He had it with him when he died in France.

Is the mona Lisa real?

yes it is real. there is no such thing as a stupid question.

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