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no it is a interdependent country and has its own government.

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How did Monaco separate from France?

The Principality of Monaco has never been part of France.

Is Monaco a part of Schengen?

No, Monaco is not a member of Schengen.But, Monaco has an open border with France. If you are legally in France you can cross into and out of Monaco any time.

What continent is Monaco in?

Monaco is a micro state in Europe. It is on the Mediterranean coast and is surrounded by France. Monaco is part of Europe.

Is Monaco a city in France?

Monaco is an independent City state on the Mediterranean coast. Otherwise known as Monte Carlo. It is a tax haven. Monaco is a country of western Europe, it is next to France but not a part of France.

What is the name of the small principality located in the southern part of France?

There are two, Andorra and Monaco; Monaco is entirely surrounded by France. Andorra lies on the border between France and Spain.

What is french about Monaco?

It is like being in a little part of old France.

What is the closest country to France?

Monaco. The only neighbour of Monaco is France.

France name for Monaco?

"Monaco" is the French name for Monaco

What country is Monaco part of?

It is not part of any country. It is an independent country. It has a coastline and all of its land border is with France, but it is not part of France as some people think.

Does Monaco share borders with France?

Monaco is surrounded by France and the Mediterranean Sea.

Is Italy part of Monaco?

No, Monaco is a very tiny country near Italy, bur surrounded by France. Italy is a large independent nation,

Is Monaco in France?

Yes and no. Monaco is an independent state, but it is surrounded on 3 sides by France. (the fourth side is the Mediterranean sea).

Monaco is in Spain?

Monaco is NOT in Spain. It borders France on the south, but is NOT in France, it is a separate country.

Is Monaco in Italy?

No, it's only near the border of Italy and France. But not part of Italy.

Which countries surrounded Monaco?

France surrounds Monaco.

What is Monaco's geography?

Monaco is a tiny country on a hill rising up from the sea on the south coast of France, (but not part of France)

Is Monaco in Spain or France?

Monaco is neither in Spain or France. It is a country in it's own right, on the south coast of France.

Is there a mountain in Monaco?

No there is no mountain in Monaco. Monaco is based on the base of the mountain, but the peak is in France.

What hemisphere is San Marino in?

The Western. Its 'part' of Italy, but is a principality the same way Monaco is to France.

What countries border Monaco?

Monaco is wholly enclosed by France.

Is Monaco an island?

No monaco is not an island it is a small state in France.

Is monaco an aly with France?

it would make sense that it would, for Monaco would be dead if they were enemies. I am 99.9% sure that Monaco is allies with France, though I am pretty sure France is not too happy with Monaco, though not braking the alliance and face Spain, the biggest ally to Monaco.

What is the name of the mountains in Monaco?

There is one large mountain which is located between Monaco and France that is called Mont Agel. Mont Agel is geographicaly part of the Alps.

Why is Monaco part of the Francophone community?

the territory of Monaco is an enclave in the south of France, near Nice. It has a 4.5 km-long border with France ; most people working in Monaco are living in the neighboring French cities. Monaco has no language of its own and the local language is French, but many inhabitants have a good comand of Italian as well.

Why is Monaco the capital of Monaco England?

Monaco is a Principality on the southern border of France. There is no connection with England.