The Principality of Monaco is a Southwest European neighbor of France. As the world's smallest monarchy, its entire length can be walked in just under an hour. Contributors typically raise questions about Monaco's comfortable living conditions, local culture, multilingualism, royal family, scenic views, sophisticated city life, tax haven status, and tourist activities and sites.

Walter Dean Myers

In the book Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers do you think in your mind that Monaco would make it back to the states and marry Julie?

Based on how the story went and some hints I would say that if the author elaborated more, Monaco would have a happy ending. There is no point in a plot that he is going to die after he was wounded and combat operations starting to cease at that point. Besides the note that Monaco gave to Perry about wearing a tuxedo to his wedding was intentional by the author to indicate he will have a happy life.

Languages and Cultures

What languages are spoken in Monaco?

French is the official language. Monégasque, Italian and English are also widely spoken.

French is the only official language although many of the population use and understand other languages including Italian and English . In addition many of the locals speak Monegasque, a Ligurian language of Northern Italian origin.
Ligurian and Occitan

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How did Princess Grace of Monaco die?

She was in a car crash that may have resulted in a stroke.

NO, she was in a car crash that resulted FROM a stroke the previous day.


What shape of diamond did Princess Grace of Monaco have in her engagement ring?


Stamp Collecting (Philately)
Saudi Arabia

How much would a 1960 Monaco stamp cost?

Identify the stamp using a catalog. This may involve learning about perforations, watermarks and colors as well as condition. The catalog will provide a value. The value is what a collector could expect to pay for a stamp in fine/very fine condition. If selling, most cases you would be lucky to get 75% of the catalog, unless it is very valuable, then an auction would be worth looking into. The most common American catalog for identification is Scott's. Others are Stanley Gibbons, Minkus and even the US Postal Service Catalog of stamps.


What do you call someone who comes from Monaco?


Countries, States, and Cities

Which six countries border France excluding Monaco?

Excluding Monaco, there are a total of 9 other countries that border France. They include Spain, Andorra, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Suriname, and Brazil.

Excluding Monaco, there are a total of 7 other countries that border Metropolitan (or European/Mainland) France. They include Spain, Andorra, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, and Belgium.


Why is Bayern Munich called Bayern Monaco in Italian?

Because the city of Munich is Monaco in some languages including Italian

English to French

How do you spell Monaco in French?

It's spelled the same in French.
le Monaco.

History of Europe

Why was Prince Ranier of Monaco not a king?

Prince Ranier was a "Prince" not a king because Monaco was a Principality and not a Kingdom. Monarchs of Principality are p\Princes, and monarchs of kingdoms are Kings.


Why do people live in Monaco?

People in in Monaco because there are lovely landscapes and a few famous people and nice resturants. Also, people just want to live there.

Countries, States, and Cities

What is the capital of Monaco?

Monaco is a small-city state and is officially already its own capital, also called Monaco Ville. However, Monte Carlo is the largest city in Monaco and is sometimes confused as the capital, but it is not the capital of Monaco.

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Is Monaco medc or ledc?


Countries, States, and Cities

Which is capital city of Monaco?

The capital of The Principality Monaco is Monaco Ville, which is the small district on top of the Rocher (or Rock). This is where the government buildings, parliament and town hall are located. Other well known districts of Monaco are Monte Carlo, famous for its casino and luxury hotels, La Condamine (the port area), Fontvieille (the industrial district reclaimed from the sea).

The capital of Monaco is also called Monaco. It's really to do with the (tiny) size of the place. To avoid confusion the capital is sometimes now referred to as Monaco-Ville, and consists of the "Old Town" that sits upon "The Rock". It is the original "Monaco", and home to the Prince's Palace, Oceanographic Museum and many original Monagesque families also live here on the seaward end. So Monaco is the original town, but through history the borders have eventually become fixed and now incorporate the three other areas of Monte Carlo, Fontvielle and La Condamine. Since the whole lot is governed by Monaco, it is all Monaco now, and you will hear Monaco-Ville being said to refer to "The Rock". It all comes down to expansion and the way the town / principality has grown. If you go there, you would swear it is no more than a mere town in France with its own police and laws, whereas politically it is a country.

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What sport did Prince Albert of Monaco play?

Prince Albert is an avid rower of sculls.


Was grace kelly beheaded?

No! Grace Kelly, later Princess Grace of Monaco, was returning to the Palace on 13 September 1982 on the Moyenne Corniche and her car "failed to negotiate the final hair-pin curve" in the road. "[Her] Rover shot out over the edge of the bend... and plunged into a a market garden below", about 100 feet. Grace was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries and remained unconscious, hooked up to life-support. After being advised by Dr Jean Chatelin that she had no brain activity & there was no hope, her family asked that she be taken off life-support & she was gone.

Grace had suffered a small stroke whilst driving, but a "second massive brain hemorrhage" took her life. All quoted material is from "GRACE: The Story Of a Princess" by Phyllida Hart-Davis. Text copyright Phyllida Hart-Davis, 1982

Soap Operas
High School

Where did Kelly Monaco go to high school?

Pocono Mountain High School

French Revolution

Monaco has belonged to the House Of since 1297 except during the French revolution?



What are residents of Monaco called?

There are generally 3 categories of people who are residents of Monaco.

  1. Monegasques - people who have Monaco nationality. These are either very old families who have lived in Monaco for centuries, or people who have been awarded nationality by the Prince.
  2. Enfants du pay - literally, children of the country, who were born and raised in Monaco, but whose parents are not Monegasque.
  3. Residents - anyone who moves to Monaco and registers as a resident, but who retains their own nationality.
Driving Times
Maps and Directions

How is the drive from nice to Monaco?

The drive from Nice to Monaco is very short, less than 10 km.

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What are the attractions in Monaco?

Casinos, Museums and art galleries.

Countries, States, and Cities

Who is the king of Monaco?

There is no king. Monaco is a Principality ( over 700 years old) and is therefore ruled by a Prince. At this time it is Prince Albert ll of Grimaldi.

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When is prince albert of Monaco going to marry charlene wittstock?

2 ceremonies - one on July 2 and the other on July 3, 2011 ( later one to be televised)


When did princess Grace Kelly get married?

I told her that I was a Flop with Chicks!- (Your Highness deleted)- I"ve been this way since 1956! - year of the Big Event.


How long does it take to walk across Monaco?

it takes roughly 56 minutes to walk the width of the entire country


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